Women chefs from US, Canada, India to create Indian heritage cuisine

The idea is to celebrate women and create a holistic vision of Indian cuisine on world gourmet map

Entitled, “Shefs at the Leela,” the evening will be honoring ladies whose unique spin on their desi roots is making everyone sit up and take note of Indian cuisine all over the world.

New York-based renowned chef, restaurant consultant, food truck expert Aarthi Sampath would be traveling to India this month to create a special menu celebrating Indian heritage cuisine.

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Joining her will be British-Indian footballer turned chef Aman Dosanjh. The event on Oct 8 at Bengaluru’s The Leela Palace will bring together two other women chefs from India — Amninder Sandhu and Sherry Mehta.

All four highly acclaimed women chefs along with noted chef Zafar Ali will be curating a special sit-down dinner celebrating Indian heritage at its finest.

The idea is to celebrate women and Indian produce and bring together chefs from across the continents to create a holistic vision of what Indian cuisine can look like on world gourmet map.

Entitled, ‘Shefs at the Leela,’ the evening will be the first of its kind event held across India honoring ladies whose unique spin on their desi roots is making everyone sit up and take notice all over the world.

Ranging from intrepid pioneers to overhauling their traditions across the globe, each of these chefs brings along their unique strength to the kitchen.

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Chef Amninder Sandhu represented India on Netflix show — The Final Table. She was labelled by Marco Pierre White as “The Girl with Gold In Her Fingers.”

Winner of the National Award for the Best Lady Chef 2015- 2016 presented by India’s Ministry of Tourism, Amninder Sandhu has come to be known as the ambassador of Indian cuisine.

Joining her will be chef Sherry Mehta, a caterer, food expert, Northwest Frontier & Himachali pop-up specialist, 1st Runner Up on the food reality show— Grilled and Founder of A Girl From The Hills.

She is the favored choice for catering for both Bollywood celebrities and corporate honchos and has a full-fledged catering setup in Mumbai.

Aman Dosanjh is a former footballer who made history as the first British Asian to represent England at any level. From footballer to edible storyteller, she is known for her ability to educate, connect and tell stories through food.

Working with organic farmers and producers, she creates edible adventures in unexpected places through The Paisley Notebook in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

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Grounded by Slow Food philosophies and social justice work, the self-taught cook was listed by The Globe & Mail as ‘one of Canada’s next star chefs’ in 2020.

The sit-down dinner will feature dishes straight from the chefs’ heart and would lean heavily on their heritage and the food they had while growing up.

Taking ahead the simpleton memories from India revolving around food, these chefs who now curate world gourmet tables will showcase how desi food can be on any gastronomes masterclass.