Murad Amplifies Their Four Pillars Of Wellness with Remedy Place Partnership

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading clinical skincare brand, Murad, is partnering with the world’s first social wellness club, Remedy Place, to continue connecting the dots between beauty, wellness and science. Murad is honoring founder, Dr. Howard Murad’s long-held philosophy that daily stress-reducing practices and other associated changes made to achieve true skin health can transform the well-being of your entire life.

Remedy Place

Consumers will be able to indulge in the Remedy Place x Murad total skin health experience to achieve full body wellness. The 4-part experience covers each of Dr. Murad’s 4 pillars of wellness; eat your water, awaken your body, be kind to your mind and nourish your skin, by pairing a remedy for each from Remedy Place. The full menu can be found here: www.remedyplace.com/muradmenu, which includes cryotherapy, ice baths, red light therapy, multi-vitamin drips and more. Those who opt into the menu will also receive complimentary deluxe Murad products to continue their skin care from home. 

“Murad’s DNA is centered around a commitment to science-backed wellness to create products and experiences not only for healthier skin, but for happier lives. We’re excited to be bringing this philosophy to life through our partnership with Remedy Place. With consumers’ awareness of wellness continuing to skyrocket, we’re thrilled to be offering a curated remedy menu that ties back to our founder, Dr. Howard Murad, and his 4 founding pillars of wellness for total skin health.” said Paul Schiraldi, CEO of Murad.

“A key effect of taking a holistic health approach is that how you feel on the inside is a direct contributor to how you look on the outside. Our goal at Remedy Place is to help give people the tools and knowledge they need to offset their everyday stressors so they can be their best selves—inside and out. Guests leave us with the “Remedy glow” effect, which is a boosted mood and energy that you can visibly see on their faces. It’s very exciting that we get to work with brands like Murad that have these same founding values and it speaks to our mission to be holistic in everything that we do.” said Jonathan Leary, Founder and CEO of Remedy Place.

Consumers can visit Remedy Place in NYC or LA starting November 1st for the Remedy Place x Murad total skin health experience. To learn more about Murad, visit www.murad.com and follow along with the brand on TikTok and Instagram, @muradskincare. To learn more about Remedy Place, visit www.remedyplace.com.

About Murad

In 1989, dermatologist and pharmacist Dr. Howard Murad founded Murad, Inc., the first modern doctor brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high-performance skincare. For more than 30 years, Murad has been committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy, and care you’d expect from a doctor.

About Remedy Place

Welcome to the world of social self-care. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Jonathan Leary, Remedy Place is the world’s first social wellness club. By bringing together top alternative medicine doctors, ancient practices, and modern technologies, Remedy Place gives people the tools and support they need to take control of their health by integrating self-care into their daily and, most importantly, social lives. Happy hour takes the form of a cryotherapy session; date night starts with a guided breathwork ice bath; while a team brainstorm is held over a vitamin drip. With a short-term goal of having every guest feel better than when they walked in, the mission of Dr. Leary and Remedy Place is to ultimately change the state of standard healthcare. For more information or to book a visit to the West Hollywood flagship, visit www.remedyplace.com or join the movement at @RemedyPlace.