To foster an eco system for school administration & children’s holistic growth, Indigo Global School introduces a franchise model

With 1.5 million schools and 250 million students enrolled, the Indian education system is the largest of its kind in the world. However, given that India wants to grow its economy to $5 trillion over the next five years, the system’s current flaws should worry educators, decision-makers, and parents.

Budgetary allocation is one of the problems, along with the cost of education, particularly for the poor and those living in rural India, the socioeconomic divide in terms of access to resources and competent teachers, and the dearth of suitable facilities in public schools. All of these problems, particularly in primary and secondary schools, result in very high dropout rates.

After doing in-depth research, studying the issue, and conducting experiments in a select few schools, Indigo Global School has introduced a franchise model today addressing media at press club of India, New Delhi that helps the Indian education system to streamline at the grass root level.

Dr. Manjeet Jain, the Founder and Chairman of Indigo Global School, said that the institution’s core operations revolve around its five pillars of academics, co-curricular activities, athletics, assessments, and admissions. Unfortunately, present participants in none of these 5 sectors perform any planning based on the location and geography of the school.

In India, whichever franchise model is used by the management of the school to conduct operations is not supported by specialists in the relevant field, which weakens the school’s basis and ultimately has an impact on the overall development of the students.

The administration of the school is helped in guaranteeing effective operations in all divisions, including academics, co-academics, sports, examinations, and admissions, via the “Indigo Global School franchise module.” They collaborate with groups like the Cambridge University for Academic Planning and Training & English Proficiency, the Shiamak Dance Education by Shiamak Davar for Dance, the Ajivasan Music Academy by Suresh Wadkar for Music, and the Crickingdom Cricket Academy founded by Rohit Sharma, says Dr. Manjeet Jain.

Director of Cricket Kingdom Academy, Sh. Parag Dahiwal, stated: “Partnering with Indigo Global School for their initiative is a great step. The best talent will be produced in the sporting industry. We anticipate fantastic years together and the birth of many outstanding sports.”

The building of the school’s brand in the local or specific area is another major concern of the school administration that is addressed by the Indigo Franchise module. To do this, they have exclusive partnerships with several marketing firms that are dedicated to making our school a well-known brand in the area or localities in all the ethical ways possible. One of the businesses participating is Blue Apple. To run the school operations efficiently, IIM Graduates have created and are directing special training programmes.

The Indigo franchise module is currently being used in the schools in Mehsana, Gujarat, and Koppal, Karnataka. Indigo hopes to add 20 more schools by the end of the next fiscal year and 100 schools in the following three years, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Dr. Asha Tiwari, Principal of Country Wide Public School, Bagesheshwar said, “It was our pleasure to be associated with Indigo Global School franchise. They have given us 360-degree solutions, which touch base to each and every stakeholder, whether it’s a school management, teacher upgrading programs, or the student who is studying in our school.”

Curriculum being the main focus of the franchise module, it is designed at three different stages; first the University of Cambridge gives the basic architecture, second Development and Elaboration work done by top retired and existing principals of India & final, the customization done by the principals, teachers, and academic experts of 20 states of India to give a consent area effect adds Dr. Manjeet Jain.

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