The Magical Diva, Deepika Sahani

Popularly known as Magical Diva on her social media, Deepika Sahani is internationally renowned for her Tarot card reading. A qualified MBA professional, she is a holistic and mental  wellness specialist with nearly two decades years of experience under her belt. Her list of holistic experiences includes Tarot-card reading, Vastu, Numerology,Fengshui & spells.


Deepika Sahani is a gifted psychic and is famous for her excellent knowledge of the art of her accurate predictions through her Tarot Cards.


Deepika is among the top 10 tarot card readers in the country, has clients all over the world. She not only makes future predictions but also helps her clients to make sound decisions on important matters in their life. She is a mentor and advisor for many entrepreneurs.


She guides people in matters like Love, Career, Money, Health, Business, etc. She has used her skills to help all kinds of people, including army officers, doctors, media people, entrepreneurs, MNC employees, etc. She is also consulted by national media to write articles.