Stressed about exhausting your sum insured? Get multiple claims on your health insurance offered by Bajaj Finance Limited

Given the uncertain predicament of our modern lives, investing in a health insurance policy is no longer optional but mandatory. Since a medical emergency can knock on your door without prior notice, you must always remain prepared to tackle such crises effectively. With the rising cost of healthcare services, managing the cost of hospitalisations without a health insurance plan in place can be tricky.

This upward spiral of healthcare costs in the country, coupled with the increasing instances of healthcare emergencies due to lifestyle, climate and other factors, has caused many with health insurance coverage to exhaust their sum insured. If you happen to be one of these people or generally dread such a situation, opting for a health insurance plan offered by Bajaj Finance Limited can help ease a lot of your concerns and anxieties. These health insurance plans’ various features and offerings ensure that both you and your family are well protected against sudden medical emergencies with holistic coverage and lucrative benefits.

What’s the right health insurance plan?

Before finalising a health insurance plan, a holistic understanding of your requirements and the plan under consideration is necessary. Bajaj Finance Limited offers different health insurance plans keeping policyholders’ divergent needs and priorities in mind.

While individual health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for the policyholder and come with many benefits and features, family health insurance plans make it possible to secure your entire family against unpredictable medical emergencies. And you can do all this by paying a single yearly premium. Family health insurance policies come equipped with restoration benefits to ensure that you don’t have to worry about depleting your sum insured reserves. These plans offer broad medical coverage for policyholders, allow for convenient cashless payments, and accrue lucrative tax benefits.

Why opt for Family Health Insurance Plans from Bajaj Finance Limited?

Safeguarding the health and well-being of one’s family members is a top priority for every individual. When dealing with sudden medical distress in the family, expenses should be the last thing on your mind. Family Health Insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance Limited come with an automatic sum insured restoration feature. So, you don’t have to think about funding the medical expenses of your loved ones when your sum insured reserves are exhausted due to multiple claims.

Insured Sum Restoration Benefits

Insurance plans like the Aditya Birla Family Floater Plan and Manipal Cigna without co-pay plan help make the process of focusing on recovery and leading a healthy life a little easier. This comprehensive family health insurance plan has a network of over 8126+ hospitals across the country that provides pre-and post-hospitalisation cover, day-care coverage and a pre-existing illness cover for you, your spouse and dependent children. Since this policy comes with a comprehensive option of the sum insured ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh, you can pick the variant that best suits your needs rather than opting for a uniform plan that may not sufficiently cater to your requirements. This plan allows you to tackle the problem of exhausted insured sums by the reinstatement of the benefits. This policy also comes with a 94% claim settlement ratio, making it a preferred choice for people looking for a holistic family health insurance plan.

If a more significant sum insured reserve is what you desire to keep your family members safe, you can also opt for the Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Plans that come with up to a total sum insured value of Rs. 50 lakh. Thanks to the reinstatement feature, you can keep the health of your family in check even when your plan is low on funds. In addition to your spouse, this policy also covers your dependent children up to 30 years. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about health-related expenses with a claim settlement rate of 87% and 6,500+ network hospitals. Apart from providing the usual coverage benefits, this plan also offers pre-existing illness coverage, maternity, and new born benefits.

Here’s a closer look at some of the other benefits of choosing a Bajaj Finance Health Insurance Plans

1.) Simplified Online Application Process

You can buy a well-rounded individual or family health insurance plan offered by Bajaj Finance Limited via a simple online process. Visit the Bajaj Finance page and provide the personal details on a preliminary form. Select a health insurance plan that best suits your needs and pay for the same online. Since you need only a few essential documents to get started, the entire process of buying an insurance plan is made ultra-easy and hassle-free. You can also pay your premiums and renew your policy online.

2.) Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Once you visit the Bajaj Finance website, you can click on the ‘Get Quote’ option to use the portal’s very own health insurance premium calculator. You can begin the process by entering a few key details like your age, contact details, the number of people you want to be covered by the policy etc. After you’ve selected the plan best suited for your needs, the premium calculator tells you the cost of the medical coverage you need to pay as premiums. The calculator will help you understand your yearly investment in the plan.

3.) Convenient Claim Settlement Process

The claim settlement process for such health insurance policies is also reasonably straightforward. For cashless claim settlements, fill out the pre-authorisation form at the network hospital. The insurer then verifies the form, and the hospital is informed of the policy details. The claims are settled directly with the hospital in such cases. After you’ve intimated the insurer for claims reimbursement, you must fill in an online claim form and submit a few documents needed to verify the claim, including hospital bills and other relevant medical papers. This streamlined claim settlement process makes navigating a stressful health emergency as simple as possible.

Thus, once you opt for a health insurance plan from Bajaj Finance Limited, you won’t need to fret about exhausting your insured sum or insufficient coverage. The all-encompassing nature of these plans ensures you get the best healthcare services without worrying about filing multiple claims in a year that deplete your fund reserves.

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Published on: Thursday, January 27, 2022, 04:25 PM IST