Soha Ali Khan Shares Beauty Tips And Home Remedies For Skincare

An actor, author, fitness enthusiast, voracious reader, dutiful mother and pet-lover, Soha Ali Khan wears many hats. A glance through her Instagram account, and it’s obvious that healthy eating and fitness are crucial to her everyday life, including when it comes to taking care of her skin. We recently caught up with the Bollywood celebrity at an event organised in Mumbai by Almond Board of California, where she spoke not only about the goodness of almonds for beauty, but also shared her beauty secrets and good old home remedies she trusts. Like many, she too belives that a fistful of almonds daily can make a big difference to skin health along with following a holistic lifestyle. NDTV Swirlster brings you all the scoop.

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Soha Ali Khan on beauty while talking to NDTV Swirlster

NDTV Swirlster: Which skincare technique do you swear by?

Soha Ali Khan: “I do believe in a 3-step technique of cleansing-toning-moisturising, which is very important for me. I take 6 minutes every night for this routine. I also feel that a lot of your skincare comes from your diet and what you eat. I feel a handful of almonds are good for your skin.”

NDTV Swirlster: What home remedies do you use for a youthful looking skin?

Soha Ali Khan: “I use many face masks made at home using ingredients like ground almonds, honey, turmeric and so many others that are easily available in our kitchens. Our diet anyway includes some great herbs and vitamins, so whatever we can eat, we can also apply on our skin. From cucumber to papaya, I have used fruits in my face masks too. And apart from this, I believe Yoga and exercise are also very important for your skin. It’s a holistic approach and there is no single thing that works.”

NDTV Swirlster: Is there a beauty secret that you have learnt from your mother which you would like to pass on to Inaya?

Soha: My mother didn’t have any secrets per say, but I really enjoyed her winged eyeliner tip. She told me to make your eyes look wider, you can use a white eye pencil for the insides of your eyes and for the crease between your eyes. She was the first person to tell me that but I later discovered that it was not a secret and many people already knew it.”

We cannot wait to try out the home remedies and beauty tips suggested by Soha.

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