Rep. Cori Bush’s story shows how the abortion industry neglects women

The abortion industry is an enormous, profitable machine devoted to the systematic neglect and deception of American women.

Even abortion advocates seem to admit its cruelty and indifference: Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush recently told a
that her second abortion was performed despite her active protest. She wasn’t ready, and she told the nurse so. The abortionist ignored her and killed the child anyway.

This pattern is repeated millions of times in abortion clinics across America. Each one is a deeply personal variation of the same tragic and largely untold story of desperation and suffering.

Pro-abortionists proclaim that abortion access is “justice,” that it’s freedom, that it’s empowerment — all while working to make sure that it’s the only option available to vulnerable women. They weaponize ignorance of the procedure,
lie about the pregnancy
, and
lie about the alternatives
to abortion in order to achieve a grim monopoly on life in the womb.

So we at
Human Coalition
Lifeline Children’s Services
want to make sure women know they deserve more than neglect and abuse at the hands of the abortion industry, and that the child in their womb deserves to live. We want to make sure they know they have another choice, and an ally, no matter how frightening things may seem.

We provide accessible adoption resources for mothers who choose not to parent, and holistic support for those who do. This is what real empowerment of mothers looks like — and it’s possible. It’s already happening.

There are
of families waiting to adopt children right now. Adoption agencies all over the country stand ready to embrace and support women who make the courageous, selfless choice to offer their children up to be loved and nurtured by another family.

There are also
of pregnancy centers ready to stand in the gap with material resources, social services, and medical information. According to Human Coalition,
76% of women seeking abortions would prefer to parent
if their circumstances were different.

These centers help women transform their circumstances, empowering them to choose life. They don’t just supply critical resources like diapers and formula — they provide holistic support, connecting women to whatever resources they need. That includes housing assistance, job training, employment, and transportation.

These resources have meant the difference between life and death for
thousands of children
who have visited Human Coalition clinics. If a woman wants to parent her child, she can — and she doesn’t have to do it alone. In much the same vein, Lifeline provides resources to rally local churches to come alongside women as a community of support, whether they choose to parent or to place for adoption.

One such family entered into the adoption process not only to grow their family but also to holistically care for a woman in crisis. Invited into the hospital for the birth of this beautiful baby girl, the family loved and nurtured this new mother, who literally had no one else. Near the end of her medically necessary postpartum stay in the hospital, this woman felt that she could not leave the hospital alone. She called the adoptive family to say she had changed her mind and wanted to be a parent.

While certainly heartbroken, instead of acting out of their hurt, the family rallied around this woman agreeing to help her to be a successful mother to her baby girl. In those somber and sweet moments leaving the hospital, the birth mother gave her life to Christ as a result of the care and compassion of the family.

Adoption isn’t for every mother. Neither is parenting. But between adoption, foster care, and holistic support during and after pregnancy, every mother can receive the support that’s right for her. This is what real uplift and real justice look like. It looks like the credible, charitable education and support of women faced with one of the hardest decisions of their lives.

We must stop allowing abortion to be the mainstream response to unexpected pregnancy. It’s unjust to women, and it’s unjust to their children. Each child in the womb is an innocent life — and in the case of abortion, one that’s ended far too early. The moral reality of abortion has not changed and will not change.

And while nobody can “undo” a pregnancy — not even abortion does that, though its advocates pretend it does — we do have the power to change pregnant mothers’ circumstances for the better. We have the ability to empower them, to give them the freedom to choose life. In fact, we must do so.

So let’s make sure they know all of the ways they have control over their future, and over the future of their children. Let’s make sure they know how much support is available to them, how many options they really have.

“Abortion access” isn’t justice; it’s neglect. Stand up with us against the abortion industry. Help us reach the countless women it has exploited and deceived. America’s women and children are counting on you.


Jeff Bradford is President of the Human Coalition, one of the largest pro-life and pro-woman organizations in the U.S. Herbie Newell is president and executive director of Lifeline Children’s Services, the largest Evangelical Christian adoption agency in America, host of The Defender Podcast and author of Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life.