Provide Holistic Education, Orienting Learners “to be human”: Malawian Catholic Bishop

He added, “Many parents do not pay attention to their children because they are too busy with work, businesses and other things.”

With the lack of or inadequate attention given to children by some parents, Bishop Chifukwa said, “the human formation part is lacking in families, schools and other institutions.” 

“This is dangerous especially in this modern world where human characters like love towards one another are missing,” the Local Ordinary of Dedza Diocese further said.

The Catholic Church leader added, “This is why the Church encourages children to pray always so that they connect with God and understand that God wants in them a character that serves others.”

Expected to take place on Epiphany Sunday, 8 January 2023, Missionary Day for Children will be guided by the theme, “Serving fellow Children together with the Church”.

The launch of the preparations for Missionary Day for Children marked the beginning of the two-month journey through which the Church in Malawi will be teaching children, animators, parents and all people the missionary obligations of children in the Church and society, the November 13 report indicates. 

The children will be expected to pray for each other, contribute money to help others, and participate in charity work.

In the report, the National Director of Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) in Malawi said the activities that the children will be engaged in will help them “to understand that they have a role to play in changing the World into a better place through prayer, giving and service.”

“This helps them to share and offer whatever they have joyfully and generously,” Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa said.

The Malawian Catholic Priest gave the example of Church institutions, saying, “Most Catholic schools, hospitals and support in orphanages in the country come from children. This is what we need today in our societies.”