Primal Life Organics Revolutionizes Dental Hygiene With Sparkling Authenticity

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2022 / Introduced in 2012, Primal Life Organics is an Ohio-based company and force within holistic skincare and dental hygiene that has been disrupting conventional wellness spaces for over a decade with their dynamic suite of skin-foods and natural oral products. The company has been expertly driven by a team of industry professionals who abandoned their post in Big Pharma and Big Cosmo to reveal the inconsistencies and dangers of traditional “solutions”, and today they remain leaders in the fight against tox-sick practices through innovative products that allow us to run the 5K, stay out with our friends longer, excel in our yogi journeys, and smile with confidence.

Beginning in the new year, Primal Life Organics will unveil their latest and greatest addition to date. Part of what distinguishes the company, not only from its competitors within the clean beauty space but also conventional names, is their willingness to carve new paths in an existing landscape and venture where others have deigned to explore. Primal Life Organics will release their new 100% natural toothpaste and toothpaste chews on January 20th, which will open a floodgate of exciting new developments in the oral health market. The toothpaste will come in biodegradable tubes and will support the company’s mission of correcting the narratives and the supplies surrounding natural oral care. The toothpaste chews are a unique addition to the dental market specifically for their design, which counters the use of plastic packaging and allows for an easier, more direct method of brushing.

Primal Life Organics was formed as a passion project by Trina Felber, a registered nurse who witnessed first-hand the imbalance and injustices of our modern medical apparatus. Using her experiences in nursing and an appreciation for holistic problem-solving, Felber launched Primal Life Organics to enlighten curious minds on the power of skin-foods and their relationship with our overall health and wellness. Diet is the most pivotal influence on both our dental and dermatological health, and these two areas of the body work in tandem with one another. Primal Life Organics supports beauty that starts on the inside, ensuring that what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we apply on the outside. The company’s clean skincare line made plenty of noise upon its debut in 2012, and has set the precedent for their ever-evolving oral care line. Through extensive research, first-hand accounts, and enduring love for the power of the body, Primal Life Organics has swept the wellness space with undeniable grace and results backed by truth.

At its core, Primal Life Organics represents a new era of biohackers eager to right the wrongs that have become industry standards for many practicing healthcare professionals. Their new launch in toothpaste strategy opens the door to frontiers ripe for discovery, with Primal Life Organics leading the way. True beauty begins within, and at the heart of Primal Life Organics we can find a direct line to personal wellness that blooms brighter with every smile.


Primal Life Organics is an Ohio-based health and wellness company dedicated to correcting modern narratives surrounding skin and dental health. The Primal Life Organics movement launched in 2012 and shines in skin-foods, holistic solutions, natural problem-solving, and luminary oral products backed by extensive research and first-hand accounts. The company remains a resource for cutting-edge development in the healthcare space through honest discussion and premiere products that overstep conventional models.


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