Pak-US relations on path of holistic growth, expansion: Envoy

Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States Masood Khan has said the relations between Pakistan and the US are once again on the path of holistic growth and expansion.

Addressing foreign students studying in the US universities at the international Students House in Washington DC, he said the two sides have recalibrated, reenergized and rejuvenated their longstanding partnership.

He said there is emphasis on strategic coordination and efforts are being made to accelerate the pace of engagement in areas of trade, investment, energy, agriculture and science and technology.

Masood Khan said Pakistan is poised to become a regional hub because of successful launch of thousands of tech start-ups in the past two years. He pointed out that international Venture Capital Firms have started financing Pakistan’s tech sector.

Alluding to devastation caused by floods in Pakistan, the Ambassador said it is imperative that the country is supported by the international community to rehabilitate displaced population, rebuild a resilient infrastructure and reconstruct the destroyed neighbourhoods, schools and healthcare facilities.