NYC Mayor Eric Adams needs to GET A GRIP on his agenda –

Veteran police officer Salvatore “Sal” Greco called on New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams to “get a grip” on both his administration and agenda if he wants to save the Big Apple.

“The guy’s a big hypocrite. As you can tell, there’s one rule for Eric and one rule for everybody else. He’s got to get a grip on his administration and his agenda,” Greco told host Mel K during the July 3 episode of “The Mel K Show.”

“Everything you’re seeing is because of Eric Adams and the people that he surrounds himself with. You don’t want a city like this. That is my case here.”

Greco, a former officer of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for 14 years, was terminated from the department due to his friendship with Roger Stone – political adviser for former President Donald Trump. According to the erstwhile cop, his wrongful firing stemmed from his association with Stone, someone believed to have engaged in or likely to have engaged in criminal activity.

Greco told Mel K that NYC Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, the official who ordered his firing, had resigned from her post after a lot of behind-the-scenes bickering with NYC Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Phillip Banks. According to the former policeman, Banks was selling out his office to enrich himself while serving as the NYPD chief of department. The deputy mayor also eluded indictment in an infamous federal case involving Adams’ predecessor, former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Other officials appointed by Adams such as NYC public safety adviser Timothy Pearson, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey and NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban either have ongoing lawsuits, a conflict of interest or links with someone who has a criminal record. Greco said these people “violated the same rule” the media claims he did; thus, they should also be terminated.

NYC law and order situation turned UPSIDE DOWN

Mel K meanwhile pointed out that NYPD officers are no longer arresting or charging people for actual felonies in NYC – including gun crimes and armed robbery. Because of this, New Yorkers must now deal with a city full of criminals on a daily basis. She told Greco: “The whole law and order – what is criminal and what is not criminal – is completely turned upside down by design, in my opinion.”

Aside from the crime problem, she also cited the 50,000 illegal immigrants – men, women and military-aged men from all over the world – walking around the Big Apple. These immigrants, most of them not even hailing from Central or South America, are funded by globalist groups and NYC’s government. Ultimately, Greco pointed out that Adams himself is to blame as he welcomed all these illegals in the city. (Related: Hypocrite NYC Mayor Eric Adams declares ‘state of emergency’ as migrants bussed from Texas flood ‘sanctuary city’.)

The former NYPD officer lamented how Adams has failed his constituents by not addressing the problem of mental health and homelessness, and is “just running around and doing nothing about the situation.” He concluded: “Eric needs to get a grip on everything. His administration is in upheaval.”

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