Nicole Kidman Invests in Hair Wellness Brand Vegamour

Nicole Kidman has joined hair wellness start-up Vegamour as an investor and brand advocate.

WHO: Founded in 2016 by CEO Daniel Hodgdon, Vegamour is a plant-based hair wellness brand that incorporates a comprehensive range of naturally derived products to support healthy hair growth and wellness. All Vegamour products are clean, vegan, and formulated with proprietary phytoactive ingredients clinically proven to help promote abundant and radiant-looking hair. Through its expanding line of topical serums, organically sourced supplements, and natural hair maintenance and scalp health products, Vegamour hopes to redefine the haircare category with its holistic, inside-out approach to hair wellness.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “It wasn’t about being the face of the brand or selling products, but being an advocate for a holistically-minded lifestyle that prioritizes self-care,” Kidman said. “Once I learned about where they source ingredients and how they are supporting those communities through ethical harvesting, I knew that I wanted to support that mission.”

Hodgdon immediately felt a certain kinship in their core principles. “We hadn’t set out looking for a partner, but once I met Nicole it just made sense. We’re aligned across the board, from the importance of a natural, holistic approach to optimal hair wellness, to our focus on sustainability, biodiversity, social impact, and product efficacy.”


  • Nicole Kidman has joined Vegamour as an investor and brand advocate. 
  • Vegamour is one of the fastest-rising new brands at Sephora and will launch nationally into more than 400 doors in May, with plans to extend to UK, Europe, China, and Australia later this year.
  • The brand is launching a new category in June followed by an expansion into hair maintenance and clean styling categories in late 2022 and 2023. 
  • In April 2021, Vegamour closed an $80 million minority growth investment by General Atlantic.