MoFo Recognized in Yale Law Women’s Annual Top Firms Report

Morrison Foerster has been recognized in Yale Law Women’s Seventeenth Annual Top Firms Report.

The report is produced to monitor trends in overall equity among law firms ranked in the Vault 100, raise awareness of disparities within the legal profession, highlight progress being made in the industry, and identify areas for improvement. The report continues last year’s methodology of recognizing firm accomplishments through a series of “Category Honors” rather than one holistic top ten list.

To that end, Morrison Foerster received an Honorable Mention in the Top Firm Diversity category.

The report’s Diversity category factors in attorney diversity, firms’ hiring and retention outcomes and initiatives, such as summer diversity programs, and diverse representation in the firms’ leadership.

The YLW+ Top Firms Report 2022 can be found on Yale Law Women’s website.