Mobile Health, Inc. Tops Wellbeing Support for 15,000 Employers

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Mobile Health, the only 100% organically developed holistic digital health and wellbeing solution, is now helping people at more than 15,000 employers worldwide live a better life, making it the most widely adopted wellbeing technology provider for all of today’s workforces — large and small.

As the health and wellbeing of workers and their families remains a critical priority, employees struggling with burnout, stress, mental health, physical health, and financial health are increasingly looking to both current and prospective employers for better support. Over 15,000 large and small employers, including Target, Wendy’s, Raytheon, KPMG, Stanford University, Truist, CalPERS, and Palo Alto Networks, have now leveraged Mobile Health’s unique, low-code technology to make holistic and personalized health and wellbeing available to their people.

“Personalized and holistic wellbeing is now accessible to every employer, regardless of size, at the exact moment when employers and employees all over the world need it most. At Mobile Health, we want to help as many people as possible improve their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing by making it easy for them to make better health and wellbeing decisions. Mobile Health’s advances in exponential technologies, including A.I. and low-code computing, are how we have achieved this,” said John Halloran, CEO of Mobile Health, Inc.

With Mobile Health, any employer can be equipped to build a culture of health that works for them. The world’s largest employers can easily customize their own health and wellbeing programs to support their unique culture to attract and retain talent. Small employers can have a turnkey yet holistic and personalized health and wellbeing program that is as comprehensive as what the world’s largest employers offer. And their people get an A.I.-driven personalized experience no matter what they’re going through, which has never been more critical in this rapidly changing environment. For the first time, all of this is now possible in one solution.

Through advances in AI and low-code technology, Mobile Health has broken through the barriers of providing accessible and affordable holistic and personalized health and wellbeing solutions for tens of thousands of employers, making a culture of health simple for everyone.

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Mobile Health is a digital health and wellbeing solution that makes it simple for employers to create healthy cultures for their employees. With Mobile Health, you can deliver a seamless wellbeing journey for employees and generate data-driven insights to better control costs. Discover how at

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