Men’s Healing Circles are developing holistic strength in our Community with Prostell Thomas

Mental Health is a buzzword today. The cohesive nature that makes up us all easily forgotten is Mental Health. Mental Health for Black men is genuinely an unspoken condition to heal, deal with, and prosper. Prostell Thomas joins Detroit is Different to open up about how to deliver in this space through the synergy of connecting with others. Learn about his time on Detroit’s historic  North End, Aknartoons, Northern HS Jayhawks, etc. Prostell shares his process of spending mornings with music, technique, and thought to build up his resolve to engage the world. Please find out how he fills his tank to engage with many who feel like no one cares.

Join HEAL: A Community Mental Health Conversation @ Avalon Village on April 24, 2022, 12 pm – 4 pm. Give to the GoFundme drive HEAL: A Mental Health Conversation as well.