Mayor Wu faced COVID-19 mandates backlash in recent Instagram livestream

“You are ruining our great city!” wrote one IG-er, according to a video of the Town Hall circulating Saturday on social media.

The onslaught of critics were commenting even at the beginning , according to a recording of the stream posted to TikTok.

“Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?” one commenter wrote.

“When will you stop destroying our city with this mandate,” another user commented.

The backlash caught the attention of national news outlets, including the New York Post and Fox News, who were among the first to report the story.

The comments scrolled up the screen during technical issues bringing a guest onto the stream. As she waited to resolve the issue, Wu offered to take questions from those watching — and the commenters did not hold back, according to Fox News.

“See a lot of friends who have different…” Wu started, and then changed the topic to read a comment about the Lunar New Year.

“Happy New Year! Yes, Year of the Tiger. Very, very cute Tiger emoji,” said Wu, a daughter of Taiwanese immigrants.

She later answered a playful question about her favorite part of winter in Boston. “I love snow,” she said with a small laugh.

But the anti-COVID comments continued to post on the livestream.

“Sad for our beloved Boston businesses,” wrote one commenter.

On Thursday, Wu announced that the mask mandate for Boston’s schools will not end when the statewide school mask mandate expires at the end of the month.

The city also said Thursday that it reached an agreement with the Boston Teachers Union, easing on the vaccine requirement and instead allowing educators to be tested regularly for the virus, but only during periods of lower COVID-19 transmission.

Not all comments were in attack of Wu during the livestream. “Thank you for keeping us safe in a global pandemic,” one user chimed in. “You’re doing great!” another wrote.

The video was shared widely over social media, but the original live video does not appear to be saved on the Instagram page for either of Wu’s accounts.

The mayor’s press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday.

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