Malleswaram Mirror Special: Cafe for the soul

Namma Malleswaram now has a space to munch on your favourite bites, read, communicate and ‘do nothing’

The filter coffee hub of the city – Malleswaram is now offering a holistic approach to the café culture.

Two Malleswaram residents have come together to create a space where people can not just enjoy their favourite coffee, but also develop a network for their holistic development.

Krithika Gopinath, a mental health practitioner, along with professional veena player Geetha Navale, are launching their culture café on 12th Cross, 8th Main Road on Saturday.

Thampu, which is not just another café, is aimed at giving a platform to like-minded people who can gather over a cup of coffee and spend their time discussing culture, art and music.

Krithika started her wellness hub – Latibule Centre a year ago to offer a space for mental health counselling, a space for yoga, nutrition and other holistic practices, all under a single umbrella. The centre also houses a small co-working space.

The term ‘Latibule’ means a place of safety and comfort, and thus the centre has been keeping up to its name. “My approach towards mental health has always been holistic, which I want to address without medication as much as possible. Having competed a training in yoga, I always had a vision to create a wellness centre to provide space to people to come under one umbrella with different approaches to heal their mental health,” Krithika said.

Creative hub was always a plan

Krithika, without having a background of running a café, always envisioned extending her space for a café setup, which will be more than an eatery. Teaming up with Geetha, she gained confidence to open the café that is also a space to connect people over creative and cultural interests. “The whole objective of creating such a space is to connect the body, mind and soul of an individual. This is important, especially to shun the stigma around mental health therapy. This space normalises the idea of healing oneself through holistic approach,” she said.


The centre works with a bunch of nutritionists and physical trainers who provide weight loss and fitness services, which act as a part of mental healing. “After meeting Geetha and discussing the idea of extending my space and building a café, we zeroed in to our concept of building a cultural and mindful space,”

Krithika said.

Hence, Thampu became the physical execution of their holistic approach.

Thampu provides a space with a good vibe, and it will also help people well-integrate with what is happening at the centre. normalise the idea of self-healing, without creating any hesitance.

Healthy food galore

As the new café is an extended part of the wellness centre, it also provides only healthy food and beverages curated by nutritionists. Geetha, co-founder of the café, says people can come to Thampu and just relax, read a book, socialise and perhaps even do nothing, that is also important. “Thampu in Kannada means cool and that is the ambience we want to create here.”

The café, coincidentally enough, is getting launched on the occasion of Hug Day, which is one of the days in the Valentines Week. Looks like, Thampu is all set to provide a cosy and comfortable space like a hug to people coming here.

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