Luke Coutinho: We live in a world where medicines are popped like candy and there is no focus on making lifestyle changes | Latest News India

An adequate exemplification for ‘ethical’ living being at the core of his philosophy, Luke Coutinho has set out on a journey to build a community that supports holistic lifestyle. Through the launch of his e-retail wellness brand, You Care Lifestyle, the globally renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and the Founder of You Care – All about YOU, Coutinho aims at translating his holistic approach into a tangible experience. With a vision to create a sustainable food chain across the globe, the brand brings to the market, organic products that are healthful, transparent and versatile.

Coutinho conceptualized the brand to fill in what he sees as a gap in the market for an ethical wellness brand. Though this initiative, Luke wants to keep pushing the boundary in wellness. This sustainable venture is an extension to Coutinho’s approach towards prevention and healing that revolves around four important pillars of balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep and emotional detox. Their multi-purpose natural and chemical free product line that comprises conscious products and supplements, display the brands mindful efforts to giving it back to mother nature.

Coutinho’s goal through You Care Lifestyle is to invent the brand as a sustainability pioneer. By offering the conscious consumers with authentic products made of all-natural ingredients, Coutinho envisions to facilitate a clean awakening. Through the brand, Luke brings to the table his profound expertise in the global wellness domain, a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and a unique insight into what it takes to create and build a conscious brand that inspires trust in consumers.

Question 1. The current pandemic has shattered routine and lifestyle for many of us. How can one take care by following the key lifestyle pillars?

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of one’s overall well-being more than ever. It had not only disrupted routine lifestyles but also restricted our access to services. This in turn has enhanced our focus on self-care. An increasing number of people have embraced holistic care as the pivot on which their lives revolve. It highlights the fact that mere intake of nutrition is not sufficient. Instead, it has to be digested and absorbed appropriately to achieve the desired result. The integration of all the four lifestyle pillars such as balanced and cellular nutrition, quality sleep, mental detox, and regular exercise combined to become a force to boost immunity, particularly during these challenging times.

Question 2. With the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in India increasing gradually, how can following a holistic approach help bring about a change?

The reason behind the continuously growing statistics is the lack of focus on lifestyle and the root cause behind a condition. We live in a world where medicines are popped like candy and there is little or no focus on making lifestyle changes. The approach towards health today is symptomatic rather than preventive or curative. E.g.: Diabetes. Our country is the diabetic capital despite the abundance of superfoods, supplements, medicines, yoga teachers, nutritionists, and so many fancy diagnostic tools. What have we missed? Lifestyle. While people continue to pop medicines, there is no focus on making changes in nutrition, movement, emotional wellness, mindset and attitude, and sleep habits.

Question 3. A shift from disease care to preventive health care is of prime importance. What according to you is the future of preventive healing?

The future of preventing healing is focusing on lifestyle. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the emphasis on preventive wellness has increased exponentially. People in recent years have seen so much suffering in terms of health that they want to make changes to their lifestyle, get fit, and train their immune systems. Together this approach will ensure healthier communities. Therefore, the shift from disease care to preventive health care becomes imminent.

Question 4. Building an Agri-food supply chain is the need of the hour; how will this help in generating a sustainable food chain?

No matter how much we advance in terms of technology, our basic need for clean food will always be there. This shows the significance of the fresh food produce industry that needs good farming practice at its core. Though the demand for organic food by the vendor is indeed increasing, the gap in the demand makes farmers worry as organic farming involves huge costs, efforts, and time. This is exactly where the need to build an agri-food supply chain comes to the fore. An efficient agri-food supply chain strikes a balance between demand and supply to make the process sustainable. The prime focus should be on generating demand through education and awareness.

Question 5. What role does e-commerce play in transforming lifestyle and spreading wellness through its fair-trade practices?

E-commerce platforms are playing a significant role in transforming lifestyles. By offering products and services, through its fair-trade practices, that are beneficial for the consumers and safer for the environment, they are not only benefiting farmers, and vendors, but also setting a benchmark for others to follow a sustainable lifestyle. They are fulfilling one of the topmost priorities of delivering clean, green, and sustainable products and services at our doorsteps.