Lisa Thorne’s New Book and Course Are Helping People Beat IBS Through a Holistic Approach

“Lisa Thorne, Holistic Coach”

Find Answers for IBS With the Potential for Healing in All Areas of Life

MICHIGAN – Many people in the medical and online communities believe that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a lifelong condition without a cure. As a result, those who suffer from IBS are often prescribed medications that merely keep symptoms at bay rather than providing a lasting solution. Lisa Thorne, Holistic Coach, however, is living proof that it is possible to heal from IBS. Now, she is sharing her methods through her new book, Finding Freedom from IBS: A Holistic Approach, and her Freedom from IBS online course.

After coping with painful IBS symptoms for close to 30 years and exhausting all options that traditional and alternative medicine had to offer at the time, Lisa turned to a holistic

approach. Through this, she found permanent solutions to the issues she had been struggling with for decades, and today she is free of the symptoms that plagued her for so long. Now, she shares the keys to this transformative gift with those who find themselves in similar circumstances through her book and course. While Lisa battled IBS for decades before finding her way out, her hope is for those who are suffering from IBS to start feeling better immediately.

Lisa provides the framework through which any person can experience freedom from this debilitating condition. Readers and students alike receive a personalized approach to the issues they are dealing with, are empowered to continually reach for better options, and learn how to

embrace and adapt to the changes that life will inevitably throw their way. Both resources are filled with helpful information and practical tools, including the “gut reset” — an effective, one-time alternative to all of the “starts” and “stops” that IBS sufferers know all too well.

While the book and course focus on healing from IBS, the implications of Lisa’s holistic approach go far beyond this particular condition. The truth is that these methods have the potential for healing across all areas of life — whether it’s in the physical, emotional, or spiritual realm. Through her professional training, life experience, and holistic approach, Lisa helps her clients achieve true transformation. An adventurer and nature lover at heart, she uses the natural world and its resources as a model for health and wellness. By recognizing and harnessing its

ability to nourish the soul and body, her clients are able to shift their mindset to manifest positive change and live a life of abundance.

To purchase Lisa’s book, Finding Freedom from IBS: A Holistic Approach click here. To enroll in her Freedom from IBS online course click here. For more information about Lisa Thorne as well as her coaching services, visit her website today.

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