League getting back in business post-COVID | News, Sports, Jobs

The League of Women Voters of Warren County is “trying to gear back up.”

The group met for an annual meeting Wednesday night at the Crary Art Gallery.

Membership Vice President Michelle Gray acknowledged impacts to the League’s operation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are trying to gear back up,” she said, explaining that means events like Thursday candidate forums and an election law study.

But functions haven’t ceased completely.

Sally Beckerink, the voter registration chair, said she attended festivals this summer to promote voter registration and also worked with the county’s schools to register high school seniors.

She explained that included helping the students understand what party most appropriately fits their views.

A total of about 20 registered as part of that effort.

One of the tenets of the League of Women Voters will always be non-partisan advocacy and that currently

Currently that takes the form of the Fix Harrisburg campaign, a joint effort of the League and Fair Districts PA.

Phyllis Wright, vice president of communications, said that less than seven percent of bills become law with many dying at committee or in either the House or Senate as a “few partisan gatekeepers” control the flow of legislation.

“People are giving up on their democracy,” she said.

The goal of the effort, she said, is to help people understand how the General Assembly works and “what their hands are held behind.”

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