Jessica Karwat, a Vegan Champion & Renowned Holistic Health Coach for Women, Announces Round 3 of the Plantiful Goddess Program

Jessica Karwat is a women’s holistic health and empowerment coach, certified vegan nutritionist, fitness trainer, certified yoga instructor, and Holy Fire Reiki master.

Jessica Karwat is on a mission to help women around the globe heal and elevate their health, mind, and soul. After the massive success of the first two rounds of the Plantiful Goddess program, Jessica has announced that the third round is scheduled to start in mid-February 2022.

The Plantiful Goddess Program is a 4-month comprehensive, holistic, and transformative coaching program to guide Jessica’s clients through a journey of empowerment, self-discovery, and clarity.

Jessica explained the program’s backstory and the inspiration behind it as:

“We are raised in a society where taking care of ourselves is not a priority anymore. Women have lost touch with their femininity. It’s all about the “go, go, go” mentality. We as women have become out of touch with our menstrual cycle, which affects the way we feel, we eat, we move, and even the way we see life. So, imagine what we as women have been going through by ignoring all of these crucial aspects of our feminine health, “said Jessica.

As a certified Vegan nutritionist, Jessica Karwat imparts that the vegan approach can help her clients establish a healthier lifestyle. “The plant-based diet is on the rise, not only for environmental and ethical reasons but also for health reasons. I truly believe in the power of a plant-based diet for our body, heart, and soul,” said Jessica.

A willing mindset is among the only prerequisites to approach the Plantiful Goddess program. The course features four modules, starting with vegan nutrition, movement & beliefs, followed by mindfulness and inner healing, continuing with the menstrual cycle and hormonal health module, and finishing with the tools for self-empowerment.

Aside from guiding women on the path to become Plantiful Goddesses, Jessica also offers one-on-one mentorship services. In a closer, more intimate ambient, Jessica is capable of transforming her clients’ bodies and minds:

“I will personally guide and help you on this transformational path. Like I did for many women I have worked with, I will light up the way to a deeper transformation that goes beyond weight loss. I will support, uplift, and empower the feminine goddess that lies within you,” said Jessica.

Jessica Karwat’s The Plantiful Goddess Podcast is gaining traction while helping thousands of women worldwide learn more about living a fulfilled, meaningful life. The podcast is updated with new episodes weekly and currently features 110 episodes.

Karwat has worked with over 150 clients in her career. She is committed to helping anyone seeking help and guidance to self-improvement. When asked about the inspiration behind starting her online business, Jessica imparted:

“Before I started my career as an online coach, I had my own years of struggle. Not only did I have very bad hormonal acne all over my face, neck, and back, I also had gut and digestive issues, and I struggled with an eating disorder. I knew that going vegan was going to help me with some of the issues, but digging deeper was what really did the trick,“ said Jessica.

Jessica Karwat is currently preparing to launch the third round of the Plantiful Goddess Program in February. Anyone interested in applying for the program can contact Jessica on her official Instagram page or through her official website.

More information about the holistic health and empowerment coach is available on Jessica’s official.

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