Jennifer DiMotta Talks About Her Holistic Approach To Women’s Leadership With Uprisors

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2022 / Modern leadership development places a heavy emphasis on competencies like emotional intelligence, being results driven taking a strategic perspective. This leaves little room for a much-needed holistic approach. When some of those approaches are performance-driven, leaders can develop a tunnel vision on outcomes, leading to burnout as they let relationships, physical and mental health suffer without notice. This is why Jennifer DiMotta saw an incredible opportunity to level up leadership development by blending leadership, financial acumen, and health coaching into one leadership wellness program, Uprisors.

After experiencing firsthand the unhealthy balance of modern leadership programs, Jennifer knew there had to be a better way. She had found great success as a single mom, working her way through entry-level jobs. She learned what it took to get promoted and become a top executive. When Jennifer takes on high-ranking roles in companies, she owns not only the business, but more importantly, the development of the team. This experience started her love of building up leaders as she built a team of over 50 people. As Jennifer saw how poor health affected people, including herself, she set out on a mission to shift the coaching paradigm. As a certified health coach, she has leveraged her health and wellness acumen into her leadership coaching practice as she developed her Uprisors Leadership Program for emerging female leaders.

Uprisors offers the skills and lessons women need to understand the financials of their businesses. But they place equal importance on understanding why maintaining positive health is such a vital aspect of being a good leader. “I saw how others didn’t understand how to read a P&L, develop a strategic plan, or deliver an effective annual review. So our successful signature program, Leadership Wellness in Business was developed to empower, educate and elevate females at all levels in their career,” says Chief Uprisor, Jennifer DiMotta.

As a blessing, Uprisors couldn’t have come at a better time. While the world is navigating uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Uprisors is determined to revolutionize the way businesses view leadership. People are suffering from anxiety and depression at alarming rates. COVID-19 has also caused unhealthy lifestyles to climb. By providing the holistic side missing from these programs, Uprisors provides resources that people are so desperately missing, allowing them to live fulfilling lives.

Women leaders face many challenges in their lives that lead to a real need for customizing their leadership development. This need calls for a focus on health and wellness, confidence and courage, and business and financial acumen. Uprisors recognizes that ambitious women are often stigmatized as being too aggressive, not likable enough, or setting too high of expectations. This results in them becoming underdeveloped as leaders or being forced to figure things out on their own. Uprisors teaches women how to set personal career goals separate from personal life goals. And that it is possible to have both with the right resources to get you there. It will take hard work, clear communication, and expectations with those around you to make it happen. “And know that kids will find it inspiring to watch their mom be successful in their career and could be impacting on their success in life,” says Chief Uprisor, Jennifer DiMotta.

Uprisors wants women everywhere to know they can have it all-a career they are proud of, healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy relationships. They want to empower women internationally to rise to the top and change the current state of business.


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