Intuit QuickBooks & Wpromote Recognized With Best In Search Award

The Digiday Awards revealed their 2022 winners, naming Intuit QuickBooks and Wpromote’s innovative approach to holistic search the Best Search Campaign of the year.

Digiday cited Team Quickbooks application of unique use of data inputs and customer engagement trends combined with automation to drive significant growth for QuickBooks across the funnel as a key reason for the win. That emphasis on leveraging data-driven insights to better understand search intent and align both organic and paid search campaigns with customer needs to provide a more seamless consumer experience has characterized the QuickBooks/Wpromote partnership from the beginning.

Aubrie LaMar, Wpromote’s Managing Director and Vice President of Client Services, pointed to QuickBooks’ hunger for continued innovation as a major factor in the partnership’s success. “The QuickBooks team is always looking to break through the boundaries of what is possible in order to unlock growth; our teams work so well together because we are constantly pushing each other to challenge the status quo. That Challenger Mindset made it possible to boost nonbrand search performance and make the most of QuickBooks’ first-party data. What we have built together is truly unique, and I’m thrilled that it has given QuickBooks a significant competitive edge in the SMB market.”

The Digiday announcement also mentioned both quantitative and qualitative results driven by Wpromote and QuickBooks’ search strategy, including double-digit growth in non-branded conversions across multiple lines of business and the long-term impact of a richer understanding of consumer needs and behavior.

Brad Neelan, the Head of Holistic Search at Quickbooks SBSEG, shared that “We are all so honored to be recognized for our work together. When we set about transforming how we work, we knew it would be complex and require new ways of approaching our search marketing efforts. In the end, however, all the custom ML work, technology implementations, and data synthesis still boil down to the people thinking together about strategies and insights. Our teams at Quickbooks and Wpromote converged in a state of trust, respect, and an intrinsic will to push the limits in finding new ways of helping our customers. We believe we are just getting started and are excited about the future together with Wpromote, as well as Google and our extended search partners, helping small businesses thrive around the world.”

Wpromote’s commitment to new strategies, tactics, and technology has led to recent wins for Innovative Agency of the Year from the US Agency Awards and Innovation Agency of the Year from Campaign US, as well as being named Google’s Premier Partner of the Year for Brand Awareness.

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