HUNDREDS of accidents have occurred at U.S. biolabs but were never reported –

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Another bombshell revelation has surfaced, revealing that hundreds of biological weapons “accidents” have occurred in the United States over the past nearly two decades – and very few have been reported.

The Intercept intercepted some 5,500 pages of documents from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) uncovering a “litany of mishaps” with U.S.-made bioweapons, including several instances involving “deadly or debilitating viruses.”

Some of the incidents were purportedly harmless while others caused the public or the scientists involved with the research to become sick. Disturbingly, some of the viruses they were tampering with are the type that potentially result in plandemics.

In one case, a graduate researcher from Washington University in St. Louis was treating a mouse infected with the Chikungunya virus when the needle she was using slipped and stabbed her through both gloves and skin.

No blood came out, which led the woman to think nothing of what happened. In the days that followed, however, she got sick and the university was forced to contend with the fact that a biological weapon had inadvertently infected a student. (Related: Ukraine is a hotbed of bioweapons research for U.S. deep state.)

In numerous other cases, infected animals in similar experiments escaped and ran around the building, infecting other workers. There have also been test tube incidents where glass beakers and other laboratory wares fell over and broke, releasing the entirety of their contents.

Even the most “secure” labs are ticking timebombs for an “accident” resulting in biological escape

Keep in mind that most of the facilities where these incidents occurred are considered to be highly secure. They are supposed to have been outfitted in such a way as to make it impossible for bioweapons to escape.


The fact that biosafety is not really a real thing concerns many who recognize the dangers of such research. Even at biosafety level-3 labs that employ safety precautions such as “a completely sealed perimeter, directional airflow, and full personal protective equipment,” accidents happen.

In the United States, biosafety standards are a “patchwork” at best. There are many substandard practices in use that put society at serious risk of an outbreak or even another plandemic.

“Biolabs dealing with most pathogens are not required to register with the government, meaning private companies are essentially given free range to undertake experiments as they see fit,” reports The Post Millennial.

“The possibility that Covid-19 could have come about via a biolab has led many politicians, mostly Republicans, to call for more oversight regarding the practice of dealing with dangerous pathogens.”

Back in September, the federal government petitioned the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop new plans aimed at preventing “accidental or deliberate harm to people, animals, or the environment.”

Despite these calls, little has happened since, even as biolabs in Maryland, for instance, are right now tinkering with so-called “monkeypox” to make a version of it that is more pathogenic than the last one, which quickly fizzled off despite the media’s best attempts at striking another round of fear into the hearts of Americans.

“These globalist biolabs are a huge problem that goes way beyond just Ukraine and the United States,” wrote a commenter at Natural News.

“Does anyone remember the Ukraine pneumonic plague? The push in the early 2000s was to have a level 3 to 4 biolab on almost every street corner like a CVS pharmacy. I concluded that the globalists would claim that “due to emerging plandemic viruses, these labs would be needed to fight the virus of the week.”

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