How long should I wait to get my booster after catching COVID-19?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) – Many people have had COVID-19, have it right now or will potentially get it.

According to Dr. Vanessa Walker, a pulmonary and critical care physician, if you caught COVID after your original vaccines but before your booster, you don’t have to wait to get boosted if you’re no longer contagious.

“If you’re feeling better, your symptoms have resolved and you’re outside your isolation window – go get that booster,” Walker said.

You can get your booster five months after your last Moderna or Pfizer vaccine and two months after your Johnson and Johnson.

Walker says it’s a good idea to get boosted if you’re eligible. Boosted or not, Walker explains you can still catch COVID.

A study at Oregon Health Science University recently found people who have the best immunity toward the virus have “hybrid immunity,” where they were either fully vaccinated and caught COVID or caught COVID and then got the vaccines.

Science has yet to prove how long that hybrid immunity will last.

“We’re not going to be able to stop people from getting sick, we just need to make sure if they get sick it’s a cold and it’s not that big of a deal and they’re not filling up hospitals and dying,” Walker said.

Walker predicts COVID will likely be among us indefinitely, but not always at a pandemic level.

“I will be shocked if this is stopped, I don’t see this as going away,” she said, explaining the vaccine is the best option for protection. “You may not be as protected after getting sick as you think you are and could get it again.”

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