Hologram Sciences launches women’s brand, Phenology, for menopause

Hologram Sciences launched Phenology, a women’s health brand concept designed to holistically provide support for women during menopause via a collection of personalized beauty and wellness products and services. Phenology, backed by DSM, will offer an at-home hormone testing and tracking device, on-demand in-app coaching, and a comprehensive line of science-backed nutritional supplements.

“At Hologram Sciences, we’re on a mission to provide people with more holistic solutions that address the complexities of human health by creating and rapidly scaling solutions that are backed by proven science, pioneering technology, and habit-building,” said CEO of Hologram Sciences, Ian Brady, in a press release. “Menopause is a perfect example of an unmet need, where a holistic solution like Phenology can significantly improve quality of life.”

Jessica Graham, GM of Phenology and CMO of Hologram Sciences, and Kourtney Sims, MD, FACOG, NCMP, a board-certified OB/GYN, and certified plant-based nutrition expert developed a system of science-backed menopause solutions to provide relief across a range of key symptoms including a gummy-based daily nutritional supplement regimen for tackling hot flashes and stress, a cooling mist and roller, as well as skin care and beauty products.

Chief Science Officer of Hologram, Nate Matusheski said, “We have taken great care to select proven active ingredients that can deliver positive outcomes for some of the key symptoms of menopause. Our patent-pending combinations include DSM’s GeniVida genistein for hot flashes, combined with saffron extract for mood. For the face cream we included DSM’s Pentavitin, Hya-Act, and Bel-even products for exceptional texture and anti-aging properties.”