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HARTSVILLE, S.C. — Residents of Hartsville will be getting a business that specializes in holistic healing. Kalmia Wellness had its ribbon cutting ceremony Monday evening.

Kalmia Wellness is a place where you can sit down with a naturopathic doctor and investigate why you have certain body reactions and ways to fix it naturally.

“I work with people who often have clean lab results and the doctor tells them everything is fine, but they are still aching or are still very anxious or tired,” said Marty Ingram, owner of Kalmia Wellness. “I sit down with my clients and we investigate factors that may be preventing them from feeling their best and we create a plan to get their body healthy.”

Ingram is a naturopathic doctor. She is from Brevard, North Carolina, and graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, in 2008. Her mission is to help people restore their health from the ground up.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is not about being super restrictive and denying yourself all of the fun,” Ingram said. “We are looking for a balance in health between getting good nutrition, moving your body, following the rhythm of nature, sleeping and having purpose in life. All of that is a part of the picture of health that I want my clients to come to. Health is about flow and when we see stagnation, we see pain and suffering.”

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Ingram is passionate about holistic healing and wants to see everyone be the healthiest and most functional versions of themselves.

“I want people to have a place to be supported to make those difficult changes. A lot of people come to me knowing that they need to change, but they don’t have the support they need. The doctor may just say you need to eat healthier and exercise more, but they can’t make that happen or don’t have that support. People need that encouragement and that is a big part of what I do because it is not easy making those changes alone.”

City Councilman Kenzie Delaine said this business is an opportunity for the community to learn about alternative medicine.

“This is a good thing for Hartsville because it brings in new ideas,” Delaine said. “Holistic wellness opens up people’s eyes to alternative ways to accomplish good health.”