Holistic Fair returns to Hanover Twp.

HANOVER TWP. — Positive energy and spirituality were on the table quite literally on Sunday, as local artisans and vendors came together to promote health and wellness with their goods at the Harvest Holistic Fair, held at the Hanover Fire Hall in Breslau.

It was the first time back in action since COVID-19 for the fair and its organizer, Aileen Stokes of Pheonix Rising Esoteric Center.

“I’m pretty stoked and I’m so excited to have the vendors that we have,” Stokes said. “They’re amazing, very colorful. … I love the vibe and everything is geared toward wellness.”

A group of wonderfully delightful booths filled the fire hall as customers made their way around, checking out the items for sale and conversing with the vendors, many of whom were full of knowledge and wisdom about ways customers could help themselves live happier and healthier.

“Once we get a good group, we try to make sure that none of the vendors are clashing too much,” Stokes said. “It’s very harmonious, we offer different things.”

In a dazzling mix of eye-popping sights and pleasant smells, each vendor definitely brought their own unique vibes to the fire hall on Sunday, with something new around every corner.

At Isabel Lasprilla’s table, the focus was on two very different things: emeralds, crafted into pieces of jewelry and other trinkets, and devices used to protect from electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from cellphones and other electronic devices.

“Cellphones are like microwaves,” she said. “I learned about this from research in my travels, I started using these [detectors] and I saw a big difference in my health.”

As for the emeralds, Lasprilla said that she had always been attracted to crystals and her home country, Colombia in South America, is the world’s number one producer of emeralds.

Andrea Demchak stopped to chat with Lasprilla about her wares. A Hanover Township resident, Demchak said that she had never been to a fair like Sunday’s Holistic Fair but had done a good bit of reading and researching on the subject.

“To be able to come and hear it and see it in person, it’s a whole different experience,” Demchak said. “This is a good opportunity to come and talk to people.”

On the other end of the fire hall, artist A.J. Skipper showcased a variety of her works, all done by hand.

“I’ve been making art since I was about 5 years old,” Skipper said. “My mom used to think I was tracing pictures because I would draw the cartoons I saw on TV.”

A variety of different objects were up for sale on Sunday, but everyone shared a central theme at this year’s Harvest Holistic Fair: the desire to impact and help others, and themselves, through their own work.

“I love to be creative, and it’s a stress-reliever,” said Kenadi Cesario, selling crystals under the business name Garden Gates. “I like making things, and making people happy.”