HIVE BIO – Psychedelic Integration Retreats for Holistic Healing

A healthcare revolution is underway. For the first time in generations, those struggling with mental health conditions or other illnesses are willing and able to take their wellness into their own hands. Gone are the days when the only options were traditional Western therapies or experimenting with plant medicine in an uncontrolled and often secretive manner.

In the modern psychedelic era, patients can reap the benefits entheogens have to offer safely and comfortably thanks to breakthroughs in the integrated wellness space. The evolution is beyond exciting for the millions of people around the world who are suffering from unresolved mental health problems and is a welcome answer from practitioners dreaming of change.

However, this is only the beginning. Initial growing pains for the industry are inevitable, particularly as legal psychedelic medicine providers expand their offerings. Interested patients may not know where to turn, or how to tell which clinics or retreats are legitimate, licensed, effective, and secure.

HIVE BIO is one provider looking to set the bar high with regard to integrated psychedelic medicine. Founded in 2020, HIVE offers a unique hybrid model that blends premium healthcare and science in a lush and relaxing retreat setting. The group is passionate about changing the face of integrated wellness, advocating for a 360-degree approach. By providing a personalized, holistic, and professional regimen of psychedelic medicine, Hive is truly setting the standard for what specialized care in the industry can be.

“Our mental health is currently being neglected and the treatments that we have, such as antidepressants, are far less than ideal solutions,” explained Hive’s marketing specialist, Elliot Goit.

“The healing nature of psychedelic medicine was nothing new to us, and now we finally have the licenses and infrastructure necessary to offer this option for mental health care. The truth is we never really felt inspired to make HIVE a reality, it just seemed like the logical and only next step in providing cutting-edge treatment.”

Holistic Approach Prime For Healing

The Hive model deploys proven effective psychedelic integration practices focused on holistic healing. Utilizing a mix of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, nutrition planning, mindfulness meditation, exercise, aromatherapy, and lifestyle coaching, the retreats are designed to nurture the mind, body, and soul. Each patient’s individual therapeutic goals and personal preferences are taken into consideration when planning their regimen.

While considered a medical retreat, the group understands the deeply spiritual nature of their program offerings and encourages visitors to lean into whatever philosophy they may get the most comfort from. The hybrid model of healthcare and new-age wellness make HIVE the ideal environment for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

“A medical retreat offers a retreat experience but happens to have professional and licensed medical, therapeutic, and wellness support,” Goit related. “This combination provides individuals with an opportunity to receive world-class medical care while also benefiting from the relaxed and comfortable surroundings of a retreat, allowing for better comfort, personal care, and integration.”

Medical and Psychedelics Experts Give HIVE the Edge

The HIVE BIO team is a diverse blend of highly qualified medical professionals from a variety of disciplines, clinical therapists, scientific researchers, psychedelic thought leaders, and renowned wellness practitioners. The extremely well-rounded group of best-in-class specialists check every box needed for a truly integrated psychedelic wellness journey that will meet the needs of any visitor.

The leadership team represents a wide breadth of knowledge to draw from, including neuroscience, medical tourism, law, and nursing. A Chief Psychotherapist rounds out the C-suite, a notable addition highlighting HIVE’s dedication to ensuring their programs are built to enact real change for patients. At the medical retreats, nurses, yoga instructors, art therapists, psychedelic guides, and meditation leaders help patients achieve positive results from their extended integration.

“Finding true medical professionals that are not only open to the realm of psychedelic medicine but also experienced in it is a difficult task that we believe gives us a leg up over other clinics that are just getting started in the space,” Goit said.

“There is a lack of formal, medically-recognized training programs for this specific skill, as well as the deep background of personal experience that is necessary for compassionate and effective integration in which the patient actually feels understood. For these reasons we believe our head start in the developing industry allowed us to draft some of the best talent available, giving us a strong advantage over those just getting off the ground.”

Sky’s the Limit for HIVE

As Hive prepares to open its flagship center in the gorgeous Mediterranean oasis of Malta (the first of many across the EU), the team is looking forward to helping patients while setting the standard for integrated psychedelic therapy. They have been vocal proponents for standardized safety in the space, understanding that establishing best practices will only help to increase access to treatment.

“We feel that to truly incorporate these medicines into a Western medical framework, we need to drastically increase the standards of safety and medical expertise,” Goit stated.

The company is also seeking to partner with mental health professionals whose patients may desire a HIVE visit as an extension of their current therapeutic practice. The clinic can help therapists and their clients work together to set intentions for their integration and prepare for their retreat.

“Our mental health professionals are excellent at their jobs, but nothing beats the long-standing connection and understanding that a patient has with their counselor,” said Goit.

HIVE is also planning on opening medical retreats in London, Portugal, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines soon. A raise is currently underway to help meet these goals. The team is looking forward to helping as many patients as possible and offering a new perspective that could change lives for the better.