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DETROIT LAKES — “Energy flows in and out of us,” said Leah Conboy, the new shop owner at Washington Square Mall. “Heart’s Garden is a place that offers a neutral space to process emotions without bias or judgment.”

Conboy is a holistic health practitioner. She offers reiki, intuitive life coaching, energy work and more to all ages. The standard coaching session is 90 minutes (which averages $65) and includes discussions, energy work and healing, as well as reiki.

For those unfamiliar with reiki, the Japanese energy healing technique promotes relaxation and aims to reduce anxiety and pain through touch. Although Conboy noted, there is a touchless option as well.

Heart’s Garden, a holistic health service, offers crystals for sale.

Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

Conboy emphasized she is a guide, not a healer. Her journey into energy work came about while struggling with mental health issues left by unaddressed trauma. Her inclination to being a seeker of knowledge and lifelong learner opened a new chapter in her life many years ago. She began practicing alongside a mentor and did so for several years. After gaining the necessary skills, Conboy began taking on clients.

“I opened my practice a year ago in September, and shared space with Tanya Strom,” she said, noting her friend owns Essence Edge in rural Detroit Lakes. “The business is growing and it became hard to share space. All my doubts (about opening a business in the city) evaporated.”

Conboy also teaches yoga at 180 Balance Yoga Fitness, which is located in the mall. She explained her experience with mall shop owners and management there resulted in relationships that made her feel comfortable and at home. After learning the reasonable price for opening a shop, she signed a contract.

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While Heart’s Garden provides reiki, intuitive life coaching and more, there are also T-shirts with fun sayings for sale.

Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

“It’s affordable, comes with a great mall family, is a short walk to teach yoga and has a lot of foot traffic,” she said, noting there have been several people who popped in to see what the store has to offer.

In addition to coaching, Conboy offers retail items as well. She offers grounding mats, wild rice, crystals, books, clothing with positive messages, CBD for pets and more.

“I also work with animals,” she said, noting a common issue with pets is separation anxiety.

Conboy came up with the shop’s name, Heart’s Garden, because she dives into what is weighing on another’s heart and tries to offer “seeds” that can bring about healing.

“People have to water and weed their garden though,” she said, adding she looks forward to helping people develop “green thumbs” during their visits.

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Herbal supplements are offered at Heart’s Garden, along with holistic health offerings, such as reiki, life coaching and energy work.

Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune