Healing inside and out – A new high-end resort designed by Finnish Studio Puisto embraces the wellbeing of travellers and nature

Solea Valley Healing resort, located on the island of Cyprus, introduces a holistic healing experience, which includes for example apitherapy, education and dietitians, personal trainers and therapists available on site. With a design based on sustainable solutions and integration of the surrounding nature, the resort leads the way to the future of the hospitality industry.

Soleais unique not only for its architecture, but also the exceptional concept of holistic healing. Future travellers look for deeper wellbeing beyond relaxation. They want to have meaningful experiences and do good for the surrounding community.

The increasingly hectic world makes people want to reconnect with themselves and the environment and take care of their minds and bodies. Wellbeing elements are weaved throughout the entire stay at Solea. We want to offer our guests more than a vacation, an overall healing experience that will change their life. Sam-Erik Ruttmann, Director of Global Hospitality Development at Studio Puisto.

The site is currently a beekeeping and honey farm, which will both continue to be an integral part of the location. Guests can learn about the surrounding ecosystem and beekeeping or try apitherapy. In addition to the healing spa, the resort has a restaurant, floating pools, sauna and extensive outdoor facilities.

The goal is to minimize the impacts of the resort to the environment by integrating it seamlessly with the surrounding nature.

Nature is our inspiration and we want to set an example of how it can be best incorporated in the design. Beyond preserving, we aim to restore and enhance the diversity of the flora and fauna as much as possible. Studio Puisto’s founding partner Willem van Bolderen.

The award-winning Finnish architecture office Studio Puisto specializes in hospitality design and projects with a close connection to nature. The resort consists of 30 hotel rooms, 40 experiential lodges and 18 exclusive villas with a total capacity of 230 guests. Accommodation prototypes will be completed in early 2023 and the site is expected to open in 2024.

Responsible travel is conscious travel

Comprehensive sustainability solutions make Solea one of its kind. Sustainability is considered in materials, construction methods, drainage, lighting and energy solutions and placement of the buildings.

“One of our core values at Studio Puisto is to design sustainable projects that respect people and the environment. We believe that sustainability should cover the whole design process and the life cycle of the resort”, van Bolderen continues.

Increasingly, conscious travellers make their decisions in terms of destination, accommodation and activities based on sustainability.

“People want to have authentic experiences they can enjoy without harming the environment. At Solea, guests can explore and experience the surrounding nature like nowhere else by for example studying beekeeping and permaculture, or even by planting a tree. We believe that holistic wellbeing comes from the opportunity to not only focus and develop oneself, but also to contribute to the wellbeing of the surrounding nature and community”, Ruttmann explains.

Studio Puisto

Studio Puisto is an architecture and interior design practice specializing in hospitality. The office’s projects are rooted in a Nordic mindset and range globally from a mountain resort in South Korea to a healing resort in Cyprus. Studio Puisto uses architecture as a vehicle to create new experiences and moments with a steadfast commitment of doing it sustainably. For more information visit studiopuisto.fi.

Sam-Erik Ruttmann
Director of Global Hospitality Development
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Studio Puisto Architects Ltd