GlowCO studio welcomes new Fort Morgan business – The Fort Morgan Times

  • The Holistic Home & Health office is located in the back of the GlowCO studio at 119 West Bijou Avenue in Fort Morgan. (Katie Roth/The Fort Morgan Times)

  • The Holistic Home & Health office includes space for Reiki and reflexology practices. (Katie Roth/The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Madeline Hagan opened Holistic Home & Health on Feb. 1, 2022. (Katie Roth/The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Madeline Hagan is able to create loose-leaf tea blends with her knowledge of plant medicine, herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Katie Roth/The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Madeline Hagan is able to create loose-leaf tea blends with her knowledge of plant medicine, herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Katie Roth/The Fort Morgan Times)

Madeline Hagan, the owner of Holistic Home & Health, has always been interested in spirituality and natural medicine. She became especially interested in natural medicine and alternative healing modalities as she grew older and faced personal health conditions. Her body was resistant to antibiotics, and she felt that her symptoms weren’t being treated well with Western medicine.

“I was like, ‘There has to be a better way to do all this.’ To treat illnesses and also do a lot of preventive medicine,” Hagan said. “That’s why I really started looking into integrated medicine, or whole medicine as it’s sometimes called, and using a lot of traditional and ancient medicinal techniques to heal myself from a lot of ailments.”

In addition to treating herself, Hagan began making products — everything from tea blends to aromatherapy oils — for family and friends. As she became more aware of the excess number of chemicals that are often found in personal care products, she continued to grow her knowledge of holistic wellness in both personal and professional manners.

She began studying spirituality and holistic wellness over ten years ago and is currently studying through accredited programs at Red Rocks Community College — where she also earned her Reiki and reflexology certifications — in order to gain certificates as a Wellness Coach and as an Integrative Health Practitioner. Integrative health practitioners, Hagan explained, take the mind, body and spirit into account when discussing treatment options. Instead of only looking to heal the patient’s physical ailment, the practitioner would also consider the patient’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Originally from Denver, Hagan moved to northeast Colorado for the slower-paced lifestyle. She landed in Fort Morgan about five years ago and came to realize that she had both the skills and the community need to begin her business.

“I definitely saw a need for it in the community, but it is something I’ve always really wanted to do. It’s just something I’m really passionate about and I feel like is my life’s purpose, so I wanted to bring it forward. I do want to share this with people and help give them the guidance and clarity that they’re seeking,” Hagan said. “I was actually really surprised (by the amount of interest) because I thought that Fort Morgan was always a very conservative town. It still is, but I’ve run into a lot of spiritually open people and a lot of people who are very open to alternative healing modalities. I think a lot of the people involved in agriculture out here already practice plant medicine and don’t realize it.”

After meeting GlowCO’s owner Meredith Chapin and recognizing their shared goal of expanding the community’s wellness options, the two businesswomen saw the opportunity to create a partnership. Holistic Home & Health opened its doors on Feb. 1 in the back office of the GlowCO studio, which is located at 119 West Bijou Avenue.

The wide range of services offered at Holistic Home & Health include:

  • Intuitive Coaching & Guidance
  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Holistic Diet & Digestive Wellness Coaching
  • Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Natal Chart Reading/Astrology Reading
  • Psychic/Medium Session
  • Tarot Readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Akashic Records
  • Past Life Reading
  • Channeling
  • Guided Meditations
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Chakra Analysis & Alignment
  • Energy Medicine & Healing
  • New Home Cleansing & Blessing
  • Home Energy Removal & Cleansing
  • Personal Energy Removal & Cleansing

Hagan also continues to create and sell her own products, which include loose-leaf teas, lotions, soaps, oils and more. She is also able to create personalized products by request.

Hagan does understand the hesitancy or initial skepticism of some potential clients, but always makes sure to address questions in an honest and respectful way.

“For a lot of people, I know that I am probably their first experience with a natural modality. I understand that people might be a little weary of it, so I am very thorough in explaining it to everyone and the science behind it. I am accredited. I’ve taken a lot of classes, and there’s a lot of science to what I have studied. But then in my practice, I have a very spiritual aspect, as well, so I think it depends a lot on the session or service that the client is interested in. When it comes to more of the spiritual side, that’s something I’ve always been really in touch with and done on my own. There’s not really a way to be accredited in that, unfortunately,” Hagan said.

Despite not growing up in a spiritual or religious family, Hagan feels she has always had spiritual gifts and over the years has grown her knowledge and vocabulary to express them. She credits much of her understanding to her studies in Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“I think a lot of people come to (a session) and don’t really know what to expect… but I actually am really happy to see that they’re pleasantly surprised that I am spot on with a lot of stuff and that I am able to help them find some clarity. I think it’s really important that I don’t push anything on anyone. It’s important to respect a client and people’s autonomy and their own opinions and beliefs,” Hagan said. “My goal is ultimately to give people the tools and resources to empower themselves and to take charge of their health and their wellbeing, whether that be on an emotional, mental, spiritual or physical level. I think it’s just really important that people realize that there’s an alternative way to medicine. Western medicine does have its place, but when it comes to chronic ailments and conditions, it’s definitely better to get a second opinion and explore your options and to realize that a lot of this traditional medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and is scientifically backed.”

For more information about offered services and products, visit and to stay up to date on the latest happenings by following social media pages (Facebook: @holistichomehealth11, Instagram: @holistichomehealth). For specific questions or to learn more about group/ party rates, Madeline Hagan can be contacted directly by email at or by phone at 720-361-6418.