Gavin Newsom turns California into abortion central, signs more than a dozen bills expanding medical violence against unborn babies –

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For a majority of Americans, the right to life is sacrosanct, but for some reason, taking unborn life is a priority for Democrats and their voters, and nowhere is the practice going to be more prolific than in California.

Once a state that offered a new life and promise to millions, California has become the death capital of the country after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed 13 bills codifying and greatly expanding abortions.

“The bills will allocate over $200 million in new abortion funding, greenlight recruitment of abortionists to broaden availability, and ensure that almost no abortion will be prosecuted under the law,” LifeSite News reported last week after Newsom practically strained his wrists signing his name so many times.

“The legislative package also includes a controversial bill that critics have warned could be interpreted as decriminalizing infanticide” — the ‘right’ to abort an unborn child right up to the moment of birth.

In a late September press release, Newsom said that the laws are in direct contrast to those passed in GOP states essentially banning or severely limiting the procedure. Many of those laws were actually passed decades ago but were put on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the horrendous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion throughout the country in 1973. The high court reversed that ruling in June, thus ‘triggering’ the previous abortion limits and bans.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed more than a dozen laws aiming to make California an abortion sanctuary state. Several of the new laws deliberately clash with restrictions in other states.

— The Associated Press (@AP) September 28, 2022

It should be noted that the high court did not ban abortions. Rather, the SCOTUS ruling merely returned the issue to the states, where it had been until a previous Supreme Court somehow found a ‘right’ to murder unborn babies in the Constitution. Some states have banned the procedure, others continue to allow it under certain conditions, and far-left blue states like California have few restrictions at all, including time limitations.

“An alarming number of states continue to outlaw abortion and criminalize women, and it’s more important than ever to fight like hell for those who need these essential services,” Newsom said, according to the press release.

LifeSite News noted further:

Perhaps the most well-known law signed as part of Newsom’s abortion package was AB 2223, dubbed “the infanticide bill” by pro-life critics.


As LifeSiteNews previously reported, pro-life attorneys and activists have argued the bill could legalize infanticide by prohibiting the investigation or prosecution of any woman or abortionist for “pregnancy outcomes,” including abortion, miscarriage, and “perinatal death,” a nebulous period that can span as far as two years after a child is born.

“The new modifying phrase may lessen the length of time during which the infanticide may occur, but it still leaves the newborn infant vulnerable to being killed by the abortionist or their partners in crime,” Thomas More Society special counsel Charles LiMandri previously told the news site.

“Since we already know that some abortion workers have either surreptitiously killed newborn infants, or left them to die without proper care, this Bill still stands to give more such criminals legal cover in the future,” LiMandri noted further.

An analysis by the Right to Life League adds: “While the bill’s April 6th amendments attempt to address problems concerning immunity for government investigations, the bill will likely chill investigation of infant deaths since it empowers mothers and ANYONE connected with the death of a newborn to bring a private cause of action for damages ($25,000 penalty), including the threat of attorney fees upon motion to a judge, against people who inquire into a newborn’s death.”

“What impact will this bill have on private health care providers, doctors or nurses who report a perinatal death to authorities?” the league added.

Democrats are the party of death, without question.

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