Field Trip offers free psychedelic-assisted therapy for laid off tech workers

Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. (TSXV: FTHW) is offering one month of free psychedelic-assisted treatment to those impacted by the recent tech layoffs in the United States.

On Wednesday, the psychedelic therapy company announced the deal and said it wants to increase access to mental wellness services to those impacted by the Big Tech firms layoffs involving Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: META), Twitter Inc., Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) and Stripe. Field Trip is offering those who lost their job an opportunity to try its hybrid ketamine-assisted therapy program which combines psychedelics with holistic wellness practices.

“We made the decision to offer this service for free, stemming from the reality that everyone is suffering right now,” said Field Trip CEO Ronan Levy in an email to Mugglehead.

“This promotion is available to anyone who’s facing headwinds right now, anyone who’s going through a transition.”

“Ketamine-assisted therapies can be powerfully transformative for people dealing with some of the more common challenges of everyday life,” Levy added.

The company says the program was built on an evidence-based, in-clinic protocol and 93 per cent of clients who tried it have experienced “noticeable improvement” immediately after treatment. It is currently available in California and Washington.

Field Trip has an app that helps manage a psychedelic session. Photo via Field Trip

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The program combines ketamine therapy, medical and therapeutic guidance, wellness classes, and week-by-week holistic programming to help people stay away from negative thought patterns, be more resilient and achieve lasting change in their mental health.

The deal includes one month free with medical consultation, welcome box, group preparation circles, one ketamine dose, unlimited group integration therapy circles and exclusive classes such as holistic nutrition, meditation, movement and breathwork.

People can book their initial consultation throughout the month of December until Field Trip runs out of spaces and the program starts as soon as you complete your consultation and are approved for the treatment.

The Freedom program is US$299 a month after the free month and for the remaining 11 months. Field Trip is also not charging for cancellation fees so clients are able to cancel anytime.