Euphoric Herbals Opens New Tea, Holistic Wellness Shop In Edgewater

EDGEWATER, MD — A new herbs and tea shop opened recently in Edgewater. The store, named Euphoric Herbals, is located in the Main Street at South River Colony shopping center.

Owner Cindy Collins’ top priority is the quality of her natural products. She studies the ingredients and knows how they contribute to holistic wellness. That knowledge separates her from competitors who may not share as much about their ingredients.

“Sometimes it’s really sketchy online to not know when you’re buying from Amazon or from another supply on Etsy,” Collins told Patch in an exclusive interview. “You can’t ask questions like ‘Where is this from? Is this organic? Is it conventional? … They can come here to ask those questions.”

Collins added that her customers return so “they can buy where they know the supply, where they can trust the source.”

The most popular products at Euphoric Herbals, which opened on Oct. 5, are tea and CBD.

“That’s a big thing that drives a lot of people in here,” Collins said of her teas. “They’re looking for a wide variety and good quality that they’re willing to drive long distances specifically for the ingredients that they can’t find online.”

Euphoric Herbals, shown here, donates a portion of every sale to charities that help mothers and babies. (Jacob Baumgart/Patch)

This is the second location for Euphoric Herbals. The flagship store opened in 2018 in Milford, Delaware.

Collins has been in business even longer, however. She launched her online Etsy site in 2010, offering herbal blends to mothers who just gave birth.

Euphoric Herbals took off. The company has now served more than 40,000 customers in 59 countries thanks to its online store.

Collins cares about giving back. That’s why she donates a portion of every sale to nonprofits that help mothers and babies. Some of her charitable partners include Women for Women International, Children International and Breath of Life Haiti.

Customers also appreciate that Euphoric Herbals minimizes waste. Patrons get 10% off when they bring their jars back to the shop and refill them with teas, herbs, butters and oils.

The business will soon offer kombucha on tap and cold-pressed juices. Smoothies will make their debut in the spring.

The Edgewater location of Euphoric Herbals, pictured above, is the business’s second store. The first shop opened in 2018 in Milford, Delaware. (Jacob Baumgart/Patch)

Collins is still spreading the word about her store, but she thinks the community craves wellness shops like Euphoric Herbals.

“People are looking for holistic options and a place to have community and have conversations about what their options are naturally,” Collins said.

Collins still lives in Delaware. She commutes to the Edgewater store once or twice per week.

Euphoric Herbals, located at 143 Mitchell’s Chance Road, is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

Customers can learn more about the business’s products and upcoming events by visiting or calling (443) 458-5595. Patrons can also follow the shop on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Euphoric Herbals, shown here, sells everything from teas and oils to extracts and supplements. (Jacob Baumgart/Patch)