ECU safety event encourages flu shots and COVID-19 boosters

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Flu season is officially here and East Carolina University is working to make sure everyone in the community is protected from both the flu and COVID-19.

FluFest provided a convenient and fun way for people to get the flu shot and COVID-19 booster.

With free food, games, and music, those who attended walked away with the peace of being protected during this year’s flu season.

ECU student Devan DaMent was at FluFest Tuesday.

“It’s extremely convenient, it’s on an extremely convenient location on one of the busiest parts of campus,” DaMent said.

“We’ve got lots of opportunities to enjoy the day and make getting a flu shot a little more fun,” ECU staff member Lauren Thorn said.

As many people become more relaxed after the pandemic, ECU Health’s Dr. Matthew Ledoux expects this year’s flu season to be busier than the last.

“Specifically for the flu, we’re anticipating this to probably be a busier year than we’ve had, especially over the last two years. It gets colder and everyone stays inside, and it allows for the spread of the flu and other respiratory viruses so we’re expecting a pretty busy season,” Ledoux said. “That’s why we’re recommending everyone to go out and get their flu shot. It’ll definitely protect you from severe illness.”

For Thorn, making sure to get your flu shot is vital, especially when living in close quarters with those around you. Thorn says, “I think especially on a college campus where we’ve got a lot of congregate living and shared spaces and everything like that, anything we can do to help prevent exposing ourselves to these typical viruses that will come through– that’s going to be beneficial. “

As this year’s flu season continues, Ledoux encourages people to continue getting their flu shot if they haven’t already, and to avoid the emergency room unless they’re in need of an actual emergency.

“If they have mild symptoms, they can be seen by their primary care provider or they can stay home but really, avoiding the emergency room department unless it’s truly an emergency and you’re worried about breathing, should be the reason that you come,” Ledoux said.

ECU continues to encourage everyone to get the needed vaccines in order to help keep everyone healthy this fall and winter. You can also get your flu shot at a local pharmacy.

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