Eagles invite Douglassville boy with rare health issue to summer training camp | Berks Regional News

DOUGLASSVILLE, Pa. – There’s a boy from Douglassville named Jaxon, but his mother Tanya calls him something else.

“He is my miracle baby,” said Tanya Henshaw.

She also calls him her wild child — rambunctious and a big Eagles football fan. His life did not begin this way, though.

“I actually found out at my 20-week ultrasound, and my heart deflated,” Tanya recalled. “I was so sad.”

The news she got was something she never heard of before.

“Jaxon was born with holoprosencephaly,” Tanya said.

According to Tanya, it’s a condition in which her son’s brain did not fully divide all the way.

She says it’s a bad break for a baby, and doctors say only 3% actually reach birth, with many in that small group not making it past the six-month mark.

“They told me he wasn’t going to make it, wasn’t going to walk or talk,” Tanya said, “and he is thriving.”

Tanya thanks those at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia for his progress.

Jaxon and his family don’t just celebrate every birthday; they celebrate every day. The young boy turned 4 years old last month, and Tanya had an idea.

For this fourth birthday, Jaxon received a box of special gear from the Eagles, as well as a video from Swoop and a special invitation to attend summer training camp.

“I just kind of threw it out there because he’s such a big Eagles fan,” Tanya said, “and I didn’t think anything would come from it, and they did the thing.”

Her Facebook request went out into the ether, and those in the local Eagles nation answered. The Birds sent him a birthday box and more.

“Then also, Swoop sent him a video,” Tanya said, referring to the Eagles’ beloved mascot.

For Tanya, the tears came with a special invitation for Jaxon and his family to hit up the Eagles’ training camp this summer. For Jaxon, though, it’s been smiles and questions.

“Every day, ‘Are we going to football today? Are we going to football today?'” Tanya said.

Now, she’s just grateful that the miracles keep coming.

“This community is awesome,” she said. “I’m so glad that there are still kind people out there that want to help strangers.”