Dozens of food sovereignty groups sign open letter condemning Bill Gates for imposing technologies that are worsening world hunger –

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In response to his new claim that “technology” is the solution to world hunger and food sovereignty, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates was sent an open letter signed by 50 organizations dedicated to food sovereignty and food justice issues telling him he is dead wrong.

The letter addresses numerous statements Gates has made to the likes of The New York Times and The Associated Press (AP) in recent months about how nature itself is not enough to keep the world fed – only he and his minions can make that happen.

“In both articles, you make a number of claims that are inaccurate and need to be challenged,” the letter, addressed directly to Gates, reads. (Related: Bill Gates owns a patent on the Wuhan coronavirus [Covid-19].)

“Both pieces admit that the world currently produces enough food to adequately feed all the earth’s inhabitants, yet you continue to fundamentally misdiagnose the problem as relating to low productivity; we do not need to increase production as much as to assure more equitable access to food.”

The signatories, which include the Community Alliance for Global Justice, AGRA Watch, and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, also criticized Gates’ claim that somehow the world is “under-invested in agricultural innovation,” and that the so-called “Green Revolution” is “one of the greatest things that ever happened.”

“There are already many tangible, ongoing proposals and projects that work to boost productivity and food security – from biofertilizer and biopesticide manufacturing facilities, to agroecological farmer training programs, to experimentation with new water and soil management techniques, low-input farming systems, and pest-deterring plant species,” the letter further reads.


Bill Gates is about depopulation, not feeding the world

As for the Green Revolution claims, the letter explains that this “resounding success,” as Gates calls it, “did very little to reduce the number of hungry people in the world or to ensure equitable and sufficient access to food.” At the same time, it created “a host of other problems,” the signatories say.

Such problems include serious ecological issues such as long-term soil degradation, massive inequality throughout the societies in which it was implemented, and indebtedness to other countries, i.e., the farmer suicide epidemic in India.

Gates never mentions any of that, of course, because it deconstructs all of his claims as nonsense. The letter points this out in somewhat gentler terms, though the message is still loud and clear that Gates is lying whenever he speaks to the media about such matters.

Of course, Gates also wants a whole lot more genetically modified (GMO) seeds used in agriculture. The letter addresses this, too, stating that we already have plenty of “climate-resilient” seeds that are being “developed by farmers and traded through informal seed markets.”

“You are part of creating the very problem you name,” the letter tells Gates. “The AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) initiative, which your foundation continues to fund, has also pushed restrictive seed legislation that limits and restricts crop innovation to well-resourced labs and companies.”

Rather than facilitate more widespread innovation, the “solutions” Gates is always presenting actually drive the agricultural market, i.e., seeds, more into privatization and consolidation, two things that are disastrous for a free and fair society.

Gates needs to “step back and learn from those on the ground,” the letter urges, because what he says to the media does not match what is actually happening in real life.

“… we invite high profile news outlets to be more cautious about lending credibility to one wealthy white man’s flawed assumptions, hubris, and ignorance, at the expense of people and communities who are living and adapting to these realities as we speak.”

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