Diocese of Baton Rouge drops all COVID-19 worship mandates

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge has dropped all remaining COVID-19 worship mandates, according to a letter from Bishop Michael Duca.

The letter is being read to congregations across the Baton Rouge area on Sunday, Nov. 13.

“I now encourage and allow parishes to restore the practice of distributing Communion under both kinds beginning on the first Sunday of Advent if the ministers and congregation are prepared to do so,” Bishop Duca said in the letter.

Bishop Duca reminded the public that receiving from the chalice is not necessary to receive the fullness of Christ in Holy Communion. However, he said many people are ready for a return to normal.

The bishop said that each parish can choose to move at its own pace based on guidance from pastors.

Several precautions were put in place across the Diocese of Baton Rouge at the start of the pandemic. The precautions included face masks, physical distancing, temperature checks, and more.

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