Demand rising for ingestible skincare, study shows

A study by Lycored has found demand for these products is rising as people take a more holistic approach to skin health.

The survey, which polled 490 people in France and the UK, examined consumer attitudes to beauty and discovered that there had been many changes since the same questions were answered five years ago.

Commenting on the findings, Caroline Schroeder, Marketing Communications Manager at Lycored, says: “The new generation of skincare consumers is much more interested in holistic skin health than traditional cosmetic signs of beauty.” ​

Changing attitudes

A total of 30% of survey respondents said they had bought an ingestible skincare item in the past year – almost double the percentage that did so in 2017. This figure rose to 57% among those aged 25-35 years old, while only 16% of the 55-64 age group had purchased such a product.

Of those polled, 70% use the items to keep their skin healthy, while almost the same percentage (69%) do so to feel good about themselves. Consumers aged 18-24 valued the feel-good factor the most, with 82% citing it as the reason they use skincare products. This factor also ranked higher among women than men, at 78% and 59% respectively.

Appearance not a priority

The study also showed that cosmetic goals were not a priority among consumers, with only 6% of those over 65 and 14% of all respondents admitting that they thought looking young was important. In addition, just 17% said they used products to make them more attractive to other people.

Schroeder adds: “This focus on ‘from within’ factors has increased in recent years, especially during the pandemic, during which many consumers have valued overall health and self-care more than outward appearance. It’s a major reason for the boom in demand for ingestible skincare.”​

Part of Adama Group, international company Lycored is committed to ‘cultivating wellness’. The business was founded in Israel in 1995 and offers natural carotenoids for food, drink and dietary supplement products.