Deep state exposed as running a ‘protection racket’ for the Biden Crime Family –

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If you’ve followed the Biden family much over the past half-dozen years you know a couple of things: 1) They aren’t very honorable people; 2) Hunter Biden is a depraved individual; and 3) Joe Biden appears untouchable.

Why is that? Simple, according to a new analysis by The Federalist correspondent Margot Cleveland: The deep state, through various federal agencies, operates a Biden protection operation to shield him and his corrupt son and brother from any serious legal jeopardy.

Put in Mafia terms, politically speaking, Joe Biden is a “made man,” so he will be shielded from any and all liability, no matter what he or his family does.

“For years, our federal government has quietly operated a protect-Biden racket. The public, however, has only recently — and haphazardly — learned of the lengths federal law enforcement officials and government employees have gone to safeguard the Biden family secrets. Here are eight times our government squelched scandals,” Cleveland, a graduate of Notre Dame Law School, begins.

She went on to name several instances where Biden was protected:

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal: Just prior to the 2020 election, the New York Post began to publish a short series of stories based on a copy of a hard drive given to the outlet by Rudy Giuliani. The hard drive copy came from a laptop computer Hunter Biden abandoned a year earlier at a Delaware computer repair shop. The store owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, made copies of the hard drive after discovering all kinds of scandalous materials on it, some he believed to be of illegal activities and behavior.


But the FBI moved to squelch the story by lying to social media platforms and media outlets that the materials on the device were part of a “Russian disinformation campaign.” So the platforms censored stories about the laptop, and the regular media dutifully reported the FBI’s lie. Only later, more than a year after Joe Biden was in office, did the same outlets run token reports that essentially said, ‘Oops, we were wrong — the laptop materials are real.’

Quietly retrieving the laptop: Again, the FBI has been in possession of the laptop since late 2019, but so far the bureau has not done anything. No charges are forthcoming and as far as we know, there is no serious investigation into anything contained on the laptop.

“Had Mac Isaac not made a copy of the hard drive before the FBI seized Hunter’s laptop in December 2019, the FBI could have kept the entire story quiet. One can’t help but wonder if the bureau’s true motivation in seizing the laptop was to protect the Biden family,” Cleveland wrote.

Returning another Hunter Biden laptop: Cleveland noted further: “Another Biden-clean-up mission may have taken place two months later when, in February 2020, the Drug Enforcement Administration raided the office of Hunter Biden’s former psychiatrist, Keith Ablow. In executing the search warrant, the DEA seized from Ablow’s safe a second laptop that belonged to Hunter. Even though Hunter was under investigation at the time, the government returned the laptop to his lawyer.”

Downplaying legitimate intelligence concerns: Cleveland explains that the laptop that was in Mac Isaac’s position contained a significant amount of compromising materials regarding the Bidens in general, including this revelation: That Hunter Biden “believed the Russians had stolen another laptop that contained material ripe for blackmailing the Biden family.”

But nothing has ever been done to address these concerns.

FBI ran a sham investigation as cover: The FBI, which readers know is more of a false flag agency to target political opponents (conservatives) of the deep state, also conducted a sham investigation into Hunter Biden, which it then used to discount findings as “disinformation.”

The gun purchase: There is plenty of evidence on his laptop that Hunter Biden was a serious crack cocaine abuser; he even went into rehab a couple of times to deal with his addiction. But when he bought a gun in 2018, he apparently lied on his federal firearms background check form when he answered “no” to a question about habitual drug abuse. That is felony, but that investigation is still ‘ongoing.’

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