Dani’s here to help | Deniliquin Pastoral Times

She’s more widely known as Dani from Deniliquin Bakery, but Dani O’Brien has embarked on an entirely new career path.

It is one that makes her feel more content on a personal level, but also allows her to help her community in meaningful ways.

While still running the popular north Deniliquin bakery, Mrs O’Brien was studying to become a registered holistic counsellor.

With her certification in hand, she launched Soul Holistic Counselling and Wellbeing in November last year and has been operating out of a dedicated space at her west Deniliquin home.

The reception of the service has been so positive, Mrs O’Brien this week opened another space at N8 Health in George St, Deniliquin.

‘‘Holistic counselling is different to traditional therapies,’’ Mrs O’Brien said.

‘‘Instead of focusing on a disorder or dysfunction, I concentrate on all the elements that make you who you are, and help you to enhance your emotional and mental wellbeing.

‘‘I don’t diagnose. I help people find their own inner resource and strength to work through whatever it is they need help with.

‘‘You might be dealing with grief or loss, suffering from anxiety or depression, or stress.

‘‘Or you may simply need clarity on a big decision. I can offer you the chance to put it all out on the table in a compassionate space, and I have the interpersonal skills to guide you through that process.’’

Mrs O’Brien said her transition from hospitality to counselling was as a result of her own ‘‘stress and burnout’’.

‘‘I had been in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, and I got to the point that I was almost burning out.

‘‘I needed to make a change. I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what.

‘‘What I loved in hospitality was the interactions with people and management of staff. The other parts I did not enjoy, and they were causing me stress.

‘‘I went though a personal checklist, started studying holistic counselling and realised it was what I really wanted to do.’’

Soul Holistic Counselling and Wellbeing operates from Mrs O’Brien’s home office on Mondays and Tuesdays, and from N8 Health on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For more information, or to make a booking, go to www.soulholisticcounselling.com.au or email [email protected]