Create Wellness in La Jolla Is Providing 50% Off Consultations for Pain-Related Conditions

La Jolla-based holistic health center Create Wellness is pleased to announce that they are currently offering 50% off for all pain-related conditions, such as neuropathy, osteoarthritis, and joint pain. The clinic also offers 50% off their patient’s first Vitamin IV therapy.

Chronic pain is a very typical condition and one of the most typical reasons someone seeks medical care. In fact, about 25% of American adults suffer from chronic pain. For those looking to resolve a long-term injury, take care of a chronic condition, or simply want to take back their life from hardships of inflammation and chronic pain. Create Wellness’s personalized treatment plans are designed to resolve those issues, not just mask them.

The full team of experienced providers and staff at Create Wellness is ready to help patients overcome any pain condition with options that fit their personal goals and needs.

Create Wellness is a clinic for countless people searching for natural, compassionate, and highly efficient pain management care. Their unique approach to healing sets them apart from other naturopathic and holistic centers in San Diego.

According to a representative from the clinic, “Create Wellness takes pride in our customized treatment plans that combine numerous holistic therapies. We understand that one type of treatment isn’t enough to overcome a chronic health condition. That’s why we provide naturopathic care, functional medicine, NAET, and acupuncture all in one place. There’s no need for you to visit different clinics to get the care you deserve. Together, we can help you accomplish your health goals, so you become a happier and healthier version of yourself.”

Create Wellness encourages everyone to schedule a consultation to utilize the incredible 50% off offer with one of their professional practitioners. This offer is ideal for people looking for a natural approach to handling chronic health conditions.

The clinic’s providers have already helped numerous patients deal with everything from autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances to digestive problems, asthma, and much more. It’s about time to accomplish pain relief, better mobility, and enhanced quality of life.

About Create Wellness

Create Wellness is a holistic health center located in La Jolla, focusing in efficient research-based therapies. The company’s goal is to help resolve conditions and diseases naturally. They combine the best features of Eastern and Western medicine for a well-rounded method to everyone’s health. Their providers will tailor personalized treatment plans to their client’s specific health problems and goals.

To learn more about Create Wellness’ new promo, call Melody Darvish at (858) 202-0322 or email Visit their official website at to book a consultation.

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