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New bivalent boosters are approved and in Oregon

New COVID-19 cases in the Rogue Valley and the state continued their general downward trend over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 197 new cases in Jackson County for the past week, for an average of 28.1 daily cases. That’s down from 295 new cases the previous week.

Two Jackson County residents died of COVID-19-related causes during the past week, OHA said.

OHA reported 80 new cases in Josephine County for the past week, for a daily average of 10.6 cases. There were no COVID-19-related deaths.

The week before, Josephine County had 92 new cases.

Statewide, OHA reported 4,246 new cases for the past week, down from 4,745 cases the previous week.

Hospitals in Jackson and Josephine counties were caring for 46 patients with the virus on Wednesday, the most recent OHA data shows.

Hospitals across Oregon were caring for 268 patients with the virus.

In the meantime, the Oregon Health Authority said Friday that new updated bivalent COVID-19 boosters can be administered in Oregon now that the Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup has signed off.

The updated boosters are a single dose that can be administered at least two months after completion of an initial two-dose series of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or two months after a monovalent booster of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

The boosters can be administered regardless of which vaccine series a person received. The Moderna bivalent booster is authorized only for persons 18 and older; the Pfizer booster can be given to persons at least 12 or older.

The new boosters began arriving in Oregon Thursday and continued with more shipments Friday. Additional shipments are anticipated next week.

OHA recommends everyone interested in receiving the new booster check with their provider first, to see when the booster is available, or check the OHA COVID-19 blog or the Get Vaccinated Oregon site for locations around the state.