Candice Chan: Women of Power 2022

Out of a passion for health and food, Candice Chan has built herself a career around holistic wellness – she graduated with a degree in nutrition, and is also a certified naturopath, a yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner and a bioresonance therapist. Chan’s first holistic health clinic was with the Locofama restaurant group before she was approached by a fitness company to build a chain of wellness centres. What she noticed soon after was that the modern healthcare system was designed to treat people when they were sick, when what healthcare really should be about is optimising our health while we’re still healthy. LifeHub, which Chan co-founded in 2018, aims to change the way people perceived healthcare, employing wellness techniques and services backed by science to help people make better decisions when it comes to looking after themselves. Chan has plans to set up LifeHub in other regions, as well as a new digital wellness platform that she’s been cooking up. She claims she can’t sit still, which perhaps explains why she refuses to stop looking for ways to make health and wellness fun and doable for everyone.