Brain Power Wellness Hosted a Successful Retreat on October 21

A successful Brain Power Wellness retreat was held on October 21 with forty teachers and four administrators from two schools in New York City.

ELLENVILLE, N.Y. , Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Brain Power Wellness is pleased to announce that they hosted a very successful retreat for teachers and administrators from two different schools.

On October 21, the Brain Power Wellness retreat hosted 40 teachers and four administrators — principals and assistant principals — at Honor’s Haven Resort in Ellenville, New York. The attendees came from the Cyber Arts Studio Academy High School (CASA) in Brooklyn, and Intermediate School 318X, School of Math, Science & Technology through the Arts (MSTA) in the Bronx.

At the retreat, members of Brain Power Wellness lead team-building activities, a holistic wellness class, a ropes course session, and nature hikes. The goal was to build community and release stress while allowing attendees to connect with themselves, their colleagues, nature, and their purpose as educators.

As a holistic, school-based wellness organization, Brain Power Wellness hosts retreats like these to help staff connect more deeply with the self-care tools they provide. It also allows attendees to build a community among themselves.

In addition to connecting with their colleagues, Brain Power Wellness retreats allow those who attend to spend time in nature and truly connect to their ultimate purpose as educators.
Brain Power Wellness has hosted more than 25 of these retreats in the past year alone. Throughout the fall and the spring, the organization leads school staff retreats multiple times per month.

Through these retreats, Brain Power Wellness seeks to transform the culture of its partner schools. It does this through self-development, mindfulness, community building, holistic wellness, and brain training.

While the October 21 Brain Power Wellness retreat was dedicated to school teachers and administrators, the program also serves students and parents.

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Dave Beal, a fifth-grade teacher from Brooklyn, founded Brain Power Wellness. He has always been passionate about empowering his students and identified the fact that his students needed help managing stress.

In his own life, Dave Beal explored ways to de-stress by practicing yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness activities. After he experienced positive changes in his own health as well as a greater connection with his students, Dave Beal then integrated mind-body exercises he learned into his classroom.

School administrators saw the amazing results of this process and asked him to develop mindfulness and SEL programs for the entire school.

Dave left the classroom eventually to share the powerful principles he learned with more people than he could as a teacher. Since 2007, his company, Brain Power Wellness, has impacted more than 250,000 teachers and half a million students across 500 schools worldwide.

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Brain Power Wellness is a school-based wellness company that supports healthier school environments. Transforming partner schools through self-development, mindfulness, community building, SEL, holistic wellness, and brain training, Brain Power Wellness helps teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Since 2007, it has impacted more than 25,000 teachers and half a million students in 500 schools worldwide.

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