Boykin addresses recent fatal school shooting, 7-Point Holistic Safety Plan to address County’s escalating crime

Two teachers were among the 19 children killed in a mass shooting Tuesday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Kate D’Avignon, staff reporter

COOK COUNTY (May 25, 2022) | In the wake of the violence on Tuesday resulting in the fatality of more than a dozen children and a pair of teachers at a Texas elementary school, Richard Boykin, candidate for Cook County President, calls for a collective action to end gun violence in communities.

Boykin noted in a statement that it has been just 10 days since the nation grieved another mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. 

“The unimaginable continues to happen in our communities and in our schools where students and teachers should feel safe,” Boykin said. 

Boykin, a challenger in the race for Cook County President against incumbent Toni Preckwinkle, in April 2022, unveiled a 7-Point Holistic Public Safety Plan to address the County’s escalating crime rates.

Among the measures proposed by the safety plan include:

  • Prevention strategies address root causes of violent behavior and provide positive life alternatives.
  • Deterrence strategies make clear that consequences for crime will be swift, certain, and proportional.
  • Technological strategies invest in new technologies that promote safety, and Interdiction strategies to remove as many dangerous firearms from circulation as possible.

The policy plan is available for download in full here.

“We have seen some of the highest levels of carjacking with almost two thousand cases in just the last 12 months. Last year, over 1,000 homicides occurred in the County and 81% of those victims were African-American (African-Americans only occupy 26% of the County’s population). Another 15% of those victims were Latinos, our Brown brothers and sisters.,” Boykin said giving a “vivid and unflinching assessment of the worsening state of public safety in Cook County,” as described by the Suburban Chicagoland

“My heart yearns for the families of this senseless tragedy and for a day in which all people, young and old, feel safe and protected from such unspeakable acts of violence.  It’s time to stop watching these tragedies and start doing something,” Boykin said.

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