Bosco App: a holistic approach to children’s safety online

Children are at risk of various online threats – from cyberbullying, to stalking, to consuming inappropriate content. Parents will not be able to monitor their children 24/7 but with Bosco App‘s contemporary approach, the child’s safety is ensured. Bosco uses technological advancements in AI and three-layer algorithms to provide a new and revolutionary way to protect children online.

Awareness, not control

Bosco understands the new normal means “going to school” and “hanging out with friends” often involves turning on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, and that restrictions such as blocking sites and restricting screen times are not sustainable. The new digital paradigm is entrenched and we need to find better ways to deal with the challenges.

Bosco‘s holistic approach to the issue is a step in the right direction.

“Kids today are born into technology and understand it intuitively. We believe it’s a skill that should be nurtured and what they need today is what they have always needed – guidance. Bosco gives parents the tools to balance a child’s online activity with the need to mediate complicated issues,” says Bosco’s founder, Enon Landenberg

Made by parents for parents

Built on parental love, the Bosco App has been developed based on the way children use technology. Users are assured of a thoroughly reliable and beneficial parental control app to protect their children online.

Bosco’s powerful features can detect a wide range of alarming content and situations – including the detection of explicit material and offensive language – and send notifications to a parent’s device. Bosco also features location tracking and an SOS button so your child can reach you in an emergency. It can even detect a child’s mood by analyzing the tone of their voice during phone calls.

Guaranteed safe and secure, Bosco values users’ privacy above all and follows the strictest regulations to ensure data privacy and confidentiality.

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