Bill Gates’ “Apeel” produce company using questionable mono-and diglycerides to gloss produce –

DO NOT EAT: Bill Gates’ “Apeel” produce company using questionable mono-and diglycerides to gloss produce

If you have noticed a bright, shiny coating on produce lately, even organic, that’s most likely the new Bill Gates funded chemical coating called Apeel, and nobody can seem to figure out what exactly it’s made of, if it’s organic, and why it cannot be washed off. It’s even on produce in Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other so-called health-based grocery outlets. The glossy, polished look is made from a byproduct of the canola (rapeseed) and soybean oil processing industries.

Apeel contains (residual) artificial trans fat that’s linked to heart disease, yet the manufacturers are claiming it’s “derived from plants.” Yes, rapeseed is a plant, but then again, so are poison ivy and poison oak, but we’re not turning those into shiny coatings for our fruit and vegetables, now are we?

Is Apeel a by-product of genetically modified oils that’s being sprayed on organic produce?

The term “plant-based” is being used and abused by Big Food and the GMO-industrial-complex of America. Just because some food products, by-products, and additives are “plant-based” does not automatically mean they’re good for health, and in fact, may be just the opposite. After all, there are millions of plants on earth that humans should never eat, so just because a label-says plant-based, you had better do some research and know what ingredient names really mean.

That’s when the problem starts and ends with Apeel, because the research on its origins and processing is quite vague and shallow, to say the least. Still, top name produce companies are jumping right in and using Apeel to gloss up their fruit and veggies, but at what cost to the consumer’s health?

Start watching out for Apeel-coated produce from Index Fresh, Calve, Del Monte, Topline, West Park, Horton Fruit Co, Del Ray Avocado, Natures Pride and many more. The following stores may also carry the highly-questionable Apeel-coated produce: Costco, Trader Joes, Sprouts, Vons, Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Gelsons, Ralphs, Harps Foods, Wakefern, Price Right, Fairway Market, Target, Bristol Farms and more.

New Apeel shiny coating on produce not so “appealing” after all

Just like you can’t peel off GMO, you can’t peel off the mysterious new shiny look to produce that’s funded by the likes of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. Their slogan? Apeel is marketed as a “plant-based protection that helps the produce you love stay fresh for longer.”

Apeel is made from “purified” mono-and diglycerides, a byproduct that comes from the processing of hydrogenated canola and soybean oils. Under the FAQs section for Apeel-coated products, they explain how it cannot be washed off.

Long term health effects? Of course, there are no clinical trials, health studies, or long-term usage reports to be found for this, just the way Bill Gates and Big Food likes it.

Here’s what the FAQ page says about trying to wash off the questionable glossy coating: “You could likely remove some of Apeel with water and scrubbing, but it’s unlikely that you’d be able to remove all of it without damaging the fruit or vegetable. Apeel forms a barrier of edible material on the skin or peel, and it wouldn’t maintain the fruit’s natural freshness if it was easily removed.”

Beware of lab-concocted preservatives because as they “prolong shelf life” for products, they reduce human life for the consumers

In most other countries, people shop at fresh markets and kiosks almost daily, to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and bread. They do this because it’s commonplace (think Italy and France), and because the food is just that… fresh. In America, nearly every food is preserved in some way or another to last “longer,” but what’s used for that feature (so-called benefit) is often NOT what we should be putting in our bodies. Still, American consumers like their shopping trip to last, so they buy in bulk, and that means eating lots of synthetic and “plant-based” preservatives that Bill Gates is funding.

If you see the Apeel sticker on produce that you don’t peel to eat, you may want to set it back down, and find something that hasn’t been sprayed for delayed freshness. If you eat this stuff regularly, you yourself may not look or feel so “fresh” anymore. Only time will tell (or forensic food analysis and animal testing).

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