Beauty and Wellness Spotlight: Luna Delgado Botanicals 

Take a stroll heading west down Greenleaf to Florence Avenue and you’ll discover Luna Delgado Botanicals, a made-in-Evanston apothecary with a cult following. 

The beauty and wellness products are hand crafted by Delgado herself, who has practiced Ayurvedic medicine for 27 years. The name Ayurveda is derived from two words in Sanskrit, ayuh meaning life or longevity and veda meaning science or sacred knowledge. Therapies include traditional holistic practices that include lifestyle balancing, yoga therapy, bodywork, herbal remedies and meditations.  

Luna Delgado makes a line of organic wellness products at her eponymous store. Credit: Supplied

Over the course of nearly three decades, Delgado formulated four categories of products; Seasonal Skincare, Botanical Wellness Care, Aroma Therapeutic Body Mists and what Delgado said is a “super effective” mosquito repellent that she named and trademarked, Vampire Repellent.

But what makes this botanical line special is Delgado’s seasonal approach to skin care. According to Delgado, as the seasons change, we experience various temperatures and climate extremes, all of which have an effect on our health and vitality. 

“Some climate effects may include dry patches, rosacea, combination skin or sensitive skin,” she explained. “Additionally, as we age, we often experience changes in our skin tone, elasticity and brightness. As a result of the natural aging process, we can also look to the cycle of our lives as ‘seasonal.’ I have identified ingredients that, when combined properly, make comprehensive solutions to antidote the excesses of each season.” 

A Love of Nature

Delgado was inspired by nature and its herbal remedies early on. 

“I was a child who played for hours in the woods with plants, animals and my imagination, resulting in being the sort of person who always follows my heart,” she said. “I have spent my entire life fascinated with nature. Vast oceans, high mountain peaks, deserts and forests … I spent many years traveling around the US and living in stunning environments such as New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, California, Florida and everywhere in between, mostly camping or living in a similar style. I have had the honor of studying in various locations in the U.S. and India.”

She added that one of the most profound aspects of the nomadic lifestyle was to learn how stunningly beautiful our natural world is and the vast offerings of plant medicine.

“As a student of herbal medicine for all of those adventuring years, I was thrilled when I finally found my Ayurvedic medicine teacher,” Delgado said. “She opened my eyes to the possibilities of essential oils as profound and effective remedies. I was trained very meticulously in the art of formulations and blending.”

Lunda Delgado Botanicals sells products that Delgado has developed after nearly 30 years of studying and working in wellness. Credit: Supplied

Delgado started her first therapeutic massage and bodywork clinic 26 years ago, and in that time, she said she learned much from clients who found respite in traditional natural medicine. Time and time again, she said her clients requested specifically targeted formulas for topical use to support their needs. She saw everything from skincare issues to insomnia and migraines. 

“It has been such a wonderful journey to be able to share my training with so many people and I am so happy to share the results of all of those years of practice and development in the form of my one-of-a-kind product line,” she said.

The Benefits of Self Care 

Practicing self-care is integral to looking and feeling your best, Delgado added, including eating fresh foods found seasonally which can help promote wellness. 

“Deep breathing and the most important…rest!” she said. “Resting and meditation, even if it is just a one-minute awareness of your posture or breathing, goes a long way. Whatever you do…don’t let ‘self care’ be another item to ‘get done.’ See what feels nice and supportive each day. If even for a moment.”

As for her favorite products, Delgado highly recommended her Deeper Sleep topical cream, the Cool Your Jets body mist and the Summer Toner as “can’t live without” products for daily use.  She said she is also excited about the new Vampire Repellant concentrated refills. 

“Vampire Repellent is a very popular item and I sell a ton of it. I just developed a Concentrated Refills Set so that you only have to buy a couple of bottles then you can get the refills to reuse the same bottle,” she said. “The bottles have locking sprayers that are really great for travel, and the product is super eco-friendly.” 

The Vampire Repellent is one of the most popular products at Luna Delgado Botanicals in Evanston. Credit: Supplied

Finally, Delgado explained she loves hearing from customers about what a difference the products have made for them. 

“It is always my intention to support my customers in feeling comfortable and vital. I’m lucky enough to be able to meet and connect with so many people at pop-ups, in store events and even at the dog park! A lot of what I do is education based. I love spreading the word about the abundance of botanical properties.”

Luna Delgado Botanicals can be purchased online at and at Walsh Natural Health on Central Street. The Vampire Repellant also is available at the Lemoi ACE Hardware in Evanston.  For a special Round Table discount, first time customers may use ROUNDTABLE10 at checkout to receive 10 percent off.